Yellowstone season 1 finale sees Dan Jenkins fate left in the Duttons hands

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers from all seasons of Yellowstone. 

Yellowstone season one kicked off the international success of the Western drama and looking back, fans are questioning what happened to Dan Jenkins. 

As fans continue to wait for Yellowstone season five part two which has been pushed back to 2024, many are reliving the early days or watching it for the first time on CBS. 

In the first series, land developer Dan Jenkins (played by Danny Huston) was the main antagonist, doing anything and everything he could to get his hands on the Dutton family’s Yellowstone ranch. 

So much so, that the powerful family starts to believe the only way to get Dan off their backs for good is by killing him off. 

With the season one finale airing this weekend on CBS, viewers are eager to know of Dan’s fate.

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Does Dan Jenkins die in Yellowstone? 

Paradise Valley developer Dan Jenkins was determined to build a casino near the Yellowstone ranch and was willing to destroy the Dutton’s in the process. 

But, of course, the family wasn’t going to take this lying down so in season one’s penultimate episode, the ranch hands, led by Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) kidnapped Dan. 

They hung him on a tree by his neck, ready to move the horse from under his feet to leave him dead if he didn’t tell Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) what he’d been planning. 

Dan does confess all and Rip informs the ranch hands to cut him down, Kayce does the unexpected and slaps the horse away, leaving Dan dangling with death.

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Before it’s too late, the ranch hands are able to get to him just in time to stop Dan from hanging – so he doesn’t die in the first season. 

Talking about his character’s near-death experience, actor Danny Huston told TV Insider: “The noose is not only tightening around his neck, it’s also tightening around the story, and things are becoming tighter, like the skin of a drum. 

“And many things are starting to happen and some sinister ingredients are being introduced and that requires sometimes an alliance between enemies.

“But nothing is quite that simple in a [Yellowstone co-creator] Taylor Sheridan screenplay.”

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However, as long-term Yellowstone fans already know, Dan doesn’t live happily ever after. 

Season one saw him nearly killed at the hands of the Yellowstone clan but it is actually in the second outing that he is killed off. 

In season two, episode two, Sins of the Father, Dan is killed by a hitman hired by the Beck brothers. 

Yellowstone is available to watch on CBS.

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