Yellowstone is now airing on CBS – and they were forced to change raunchy scenes

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Last month, Yellowstone landed on the American network channel CBS. 

Prior to the big move, the hit Kevin Costner-led series was first available to stream on Paramount+, where it went on to be a massive hit. 

The reason behind the show’s network debut was that a majority of shows that were slated to premiere at this time of the year had their production halted thanks to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. 

Therefore CBS was forced to rearrange their schedule by adding the hit show to its Fall line-up.

Another potential reason for the change could have come from the fact that 80% of CBS’ audience has not yet been treated to all the Dutton family drama – and the debut would increase Yellowstone’s viewership.

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However, network television stations like CBS uphold broadcast standards that typically address topics like drug and alcohol usage, language, sexual content, and violence, whereas, cable TV stations do not have the same standards.

In its original form, Yellowstone certainly would not pass the broadcast standards, as it is rated TV-MA for nudity, profanity, and violence.

With this in mind, the Western drama had to be tweaked to meet the CBS Broadcast Standards, which was confirmed by one of the network’s spokesmen.

Fear not original Yellowstone fans – as they noted that the changes were minor and the integrity of the original series has still been preserved.

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This means that certain words will have been censored, but CBS ensured that they will not use automated dialogue as a replacement but rather muted it.

Other scenes that showcase sexual content or violence have also been edited to meet the network’s standards.

The pilot episode of Yellowstone landed on CBS on Sunday, September 17 and has aired weekly from then on.

Yellowstone airs every Sunday evening on CBS at 8p.m. and is also available to stream on Peacock in the US.

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