Us: Duchess Meghans team has been turning down offers left and right

Well, seemingly everyone in the media got the memo: the Sussexes had a “bad year,” and they are two of the “biggest losers” of 2023. They are in desperate need of a “comeback,” at least that’s what everyone says. Granted, I hope people can acknowledge that the Sussexes had some bad moments this year and that they didn’t always have the clearest strategies in place, but they also had big successes too – another great Invictus Games, a bestselling memoir, and Meghan signing up with WME. Well, Us Weekly put Harry, Meghan and the word “comeback” on their cover, so this really is the narrative. Some highlights from the cover story:

2024 will be better than 2023: It looks like 2024 is already off to a better start. In mid-December, Harry saw a landmark victory in one of his phone hacking lawsuits against a group of British newspapers (he was awarded $180,000). Sources tell Us lucrative offers have been flooding in for him and his wife and that, despite being tested, their marriage is stronger than ever. “Harry and Meghan are in extremely high demand,” says one source, noting that the duo are being courted for speaking engagements, business collaborations and entertainment gigs. They’re also thinking of moving from Montecito, California, to L.A. to get closer to the action in Hollywood. Adds a second source: “Harry and Meghan think 2024 will be the year of redemption.”

Meghan is turning down offers: It’s an exciting time for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. According to the second source, Meghan’s team has been turning down offers left and right. “They’ve actually been shocked by how popular she is,” says the source. “Her team has never seen anything like it.” She has a few projects pending, and the source says the Suits alum may also be working on a “big media deal.” The second source says Meghan is being approached about everything from film roles to multimillion-dollar endorsement deals with fashion and beauty brands. But her focus remains on philanthropy and giving back.

The Tig Redux? There’s also talk she’s resurrecting The Tig, the lifestyle blog she ran prior to marrying Harry in 2018. While the second source maintains that conversations around the blog are “ongoing,” the first source says the plan is to relaunch The Tig “bigger and better” than before.

Suits Redux? “Meghan’s been tight-lipped about potentially revisiting the series, but there’s hope that if the timing is right, something can be worked out,” says the first source. Adds the second: “Meghan would consider it. There have already been discussions.” But, the source adds, Meghan is currently “100 percent more interested in directing and being behind the camera.” In 2020, she and Harry signed a deal with Netflix worth a reported $100 million.

Harry will write another book? Harry is just as busy as his wife with another book on the horizon. He signed a four-book deal with Penguin Random House, the publisher behind Spare, in 2021. “He still has so much more to say,” says the second source, who clarifies that — despite Spare breaking first-day nonfiction sales records for the publishing company — Harry isn’t interested in writing another tell-all.

Moving on from the royal soap opera: “Harry and Meghan want to go in a different direction. They’ve said what they needed to say with regard to the royals,” the second source says. “They’re moving on.”

They’re highly selective. “There’s this perception that Harry and Meghan have been snubbed in the entertainment industry,” says the first source. “But the way they see it, they’re choosing quality over quantity instead of grabbing every opportunity that comes their way.” They’ve taken the bumps in the road in stride. “Harry and Meghan feel like everything with them is always blown out of proportion,” says the second source. “They try not to let the noise affect their lives.” If anything, the criticism has only brought them closer together, the source adds: “They are stronger than ever.”

Hands-on parents: “They try not to rely too heavily on nannies,” says the first source. “Harry and Meghan spend plenty of time outdoors, hiking with the dogs or kicking a soccer ball around with the kids. They also like to host dinner parties at the house and just kick back and binge-watch shows.” The couple will be spending Christmas at home in Montecito with friends and Meghan’s mom, Doria. “They’ll be cooking, playing games and swapping gifts,” says the first source. “They have a tough time trying not to spoil the kids too much!”

[From Us Weekly]

The face I made when I read “Meghan’s team has been turning down offers left and right.” WHY is she turning down offers? I believe she’s turning things down as well – I’ve always said that Meghan has left a lot of money on the table, and I would love to see her take some one-off brand ambassadorships, perhaps something with a skincare company or a big fashion house. Like, why be precious about it? Get rich. There’s a difference between “saying yes to everything” and “looking for some profitable partnerships with well-known brands.” As for 2024 being their comeback year or redemption year… whatever. The bad stories this year were blown out of proportion but I absolutely hope that 2024 is full of money, work and fun stuff for them.

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