Youve been scrubbing wrong – expert shares three body parts people often miss

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    Many people pride themselves on being hygienic.

    But, even those who love a good soapy shower might be washing themselves wrong. A dermatologist revealed that there are three body parts that people often forget to scrub properly – or even at all.

    Yes, you read that right. Not everyone is getting into all of their nooks and crannies when it's bath time. Good job the skin expert, known as Dermguru, is on hand to help us get as squeaky clean as possible.

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    "These are the places that you’re definitely not washing enough," the dermatologist shockingly revealed in a viral TikTok clip. "I’m a dermatologist and you absolutely need to be washing these places more often than you are."

    So where to start? Well, the skin specialist ordered that people need to change their ear washing habits. Apparently, some of us are neglecting the back of our ears. To see if you need to up your ear cleaning efforts, then you can do a little test that takes seconds to do.

    "First up, is behind your ears," Dermguru shared. She demonstrated the method that can detect a dirty ear which involved rubbing her finger on the back of her ear with a light motion. "If you go like this behind your ear and you notice an odour to it, or you feel something, you should be washing it more," the expert revealed.

    "This is also a super common area to get flaking and build-up like dandruff."

    Now that we're clear on ear washing, the skin enthusiast noted that many folk need to practice cleaning their belly button. The crevice is often overlooked when it comes to bathing – and it can contain some nasties if not cleaned. "This is a super common area to collect sweat, debris, dirt, and build-up," Dermguru explained.

    But, it gets worse. For the biggest dirty belly button offenders, you can even risk developing an omphalolith, or navel stone – a condition where debris and dirt builds to the point it forms a "hard" and "smooth" ball. The 'stone' is made up of hair, sweat, bacteria and natural proteins and can be removed at the doctors.

    Better get scrubbing your belly button then!

    Last but not least, the expert shared that the third body part that needs a bit more TLC are fingernails. The nail brush should be used more frequently, not just when you see visible dirt underneath your talons.

    "Finally, you’re definitely not cleaning your fingernails enough," Dermguru urged. "When you’re showering, you really need to get under those nails with a scrub brush to get rid of the dirt, debris and build-up.

    "Think twice next time you take a shower."

    Taken aback by the expert's video, many people fled to the comments to have their say. Some couldn't believe that people do not wash the mentioned body parts regularly.

    One person commented: "I cleaned my belly button with a q tip before and the dirt was never ending I was so surprised

    Another user added: "I don’t like the sensation of my belly button being touched"

    While a third gasped: "Wait who isn’t cleaning these areas!"

    Someone else wrote: "Me feeling so proud of myself cuz (sic) I wash all those places every day.

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