Good Morning Britains Kate Garraway hits back at co-star after thievery jibe

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Good Morning Britain’s Kate Garraway explained how excited she was when she found massive pumpkins but was teased by Ben Shephard after he claimed she “took” them without paying.

Kate began: “Halloween is around the corner and I am part of a gardening club and I went along, and it wasn’t me that grew them, but there were just amazing pumpkins.

“Look at them! Look at the size of it! It is about six times the size of my head! There were some other ones that were more reasonable, normal size.

“So I made the mistake of buying, honestly I could hardly hold it up, it was phenomenal,” to which Ben interjected: “How many pumpkins did you take Kate Garraway?”

Fiercely defending herself, she quipped: “Well what I did… I didn’t take, I purchased! Let’s not have any thievery added to all the other scandals that are surrounding me at the moment.

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“No, so I bought this huge pumpkin just to think ‘What a fabulous display’ and then two small ones for carving but obviously Darcy and Billy were like ‘No, we’re doing the big one now’.

“I don’t know how I am going to do it, has anyone got any pumpkin carving techniques to get all of the flesh out?”

Curious, Ben asked: “What are you going to do with the flesh as well? Are you going to make pumpkin soup? Are you going to make some for everyone in the studio?”

Kate replied: “Pumpkin soup! Yeah, we will all get fed next week don’t you worry about it, but isn’t that the biggest pumpkin you have ever seen!”

Viewers of the show were intrigued by Kate’s giant pumpkin and took to their Twitter accounts to comment.

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@SueMuir10 noted: “Is the pumpkins bought in a supermarket or planted from the seeds? Because I planted it from seed and the heaviest pumpkin I grown last year weighed a whopping 14lbs in weight and huge.”

@JamesDawson911 exclaimed: “It’s the same size as her head!”

Trina McKinton said: “Love that Kate is defending herself for actually buying the pumpkins… what scandals she on about?”

@RichardRiches replied: “Um… where can I get pumpkins like that!!”

Paige Oath penned: “She’s very precious about her pumpkins ain’t she! And she made a big point of saying she paid for them.” (sic)

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV1 and ITVX.

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