Adobe Unveils New AI-Powered Tools for Photoshop and Premiere

Adobe has released the 2024 editions of Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements, showcasing myriad new artificially-intelligent tools that will further increase the productivity of the photo and video editing platforms.

Adobe’s latest AI features are backed by the company’s new Sensei AI platform. In Photoshop, the company has added a new feature that automatically removes, edits or replaces objects and backgrounds in an image. Additionally, the AI-powered tools feature a number of automated smart fixes,  which include enhancing subjects’ skin with a “smooth, natural look,” and new Artistic Effects options can transform images with graphics inspired by famous works of art or popular styles.

Meanwhile, in Premiere, Adobe’s AI will create automated highlight reels that “draw people in by focusing on motion, close-ups and your highest-quality footage.”

Outside of the artificial-intelligence updates, Adobe has added a number of standard Elements additions to both platforms. Photoshop users will see new color and tone presets, photo reels, guided edits and single-click editing features, which include blurring, smoothing, dehazing and colorizing functions. Premiere users will receive a number of new audio effects, including reverb, as well a slew of edit tutorials.

Both Photoshop Elements 2024 and Premiere Elements 2024 are available to purchase on Adobe’s webstore.

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