Adele admits stealing from hotels despite being worth a whopping £165m

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    She may be worth an estimated £165 million but even Adele steals the toiletries from hotels.

    The superstar admitted "If I’m in a very posh hotel then I take everything". However it's backfired as she’s planning on hosting guests soon and is worried they’ll pinch her shower gel! She quipped: "I worry that everyone’s going to take everything with them."

    Adele, 35, isn't short of a bob or two given she lives in a six-bedroom £48 million mansion in Beverly Hills with her sports agent husband Rich Paul but says her actions are a case of sharing is caring.

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    Addressing the audience during one of her last sold out Las Vegas residency shows at Caesars Palace before the New Year, as reported by MailOnline, she explained: "So it's like individually wrapped toothbrushes, shave foam, you have never heard of brands and all biodegradable packaging, by the way – these are things that you like when you go to a hotel.

    "Basically, I've got some guests coming to stay with me soon and I want to go all out, obviously I'm only on Amazon, so I'm limited to the level of how great it is. And then I worry that everyone's going to take everything with them where it's more like in a hotel, I'm going to ask you in a hotel it's like, oh bloody, I've got earbuds Q-tips, a nail file and you look into what they have and it's very useful. I don't ever take them with me. And if I'm in a very posh hotel, then I take everything," she continued.

    Adele then posed a question to the crowd, asking: "I want to know what guest etiquette is right. I would never take something from somebody's house, even if it was there for their usage. If you went to stay at one of your friend's houses, not a hotel, not a stranger, and bear in mind, you're staying there for free, you shouldn't be expecting no gifts.

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    "I'm missing a very important thing out. I'm doing my own personal logo on it, not the Adele logo. I came up with one for my house. So it has that. Would you take them with you? Even if they were Amazon stock? Am I being a tight host?" Their response may not have been what she wanted to hear. They said that's ridiculous," she laughed. "Okay. Okay. Good to know. Wow, I never considered myself tight I need to talk to my therapist about that."

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