CASISDEAD Announces New Album 'Final Last Words,' Drops Single "Matte Grey Wrap"

London-based rap legend, CASISDEAD, has just announced the release of his highly-anticipated debut studio album, Famous Last Words, with the 27-tracker expected to drop on October 27.

The musician’s forthcoming project is dubbed as the “fully realized expansion of the dystopian futurism” that has captivated audiences since CASISDEAD’s rap game inception in 2013. Over the past decade, the rhymer has dipped in and out of the public eye, dropping various singles while maintaining his anonymity, shunning media attention, and donning a slew of different masks.

Now, CASISDEAD’s new project is expected to be as much a sci-fi movie as it is a rap record. Listeners can expect to step through a “portal into a realm,” narrated by CASISDEAD whose command of storytelling immerses fans into the underground of a city where he is the main character in a shady network of gangsters, girls, and drug dealers.

However, the overall theme of Famous Last Words is a story that deals with feelings of loss, regret, paranoia, and a persona that constantly self-reflects amongst the madness in London.

The album features a series of collaborators, tapping UK music legends, Connie Constance, Kamio, Desire, and Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant. Each feature is dragged into to CASISDEAD’s ’80s-inspired synthpop soundscapes, assisted by a production case that includes Stranger Things composer, Kyle Dixon, and producer, composer, and Italians Do Better label founder, Johnny Jewel. Meanwhile, actress Ed Skrien and Emma Rigby are enlisted as narrators throughout the project.

In celebration of the album announcement, CASISDEAD has now released a new single titled “Matte Grey Wrap,” featuring Megan Louise and Johnny Jewel’s Desire project. You can listen to the new record above and listen to Famous Last Words in its entirety on October 27, while the rapper will also be hitting the stage on November 2 at London’s KOKO.

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