PLEASURES x Pabst Blue Ribbon Close Out 2023 With Commemorative Apparel Capsule

PLEASURES and Pabst Blue Ribbon are connected over a shared brand ethos, contingent on creative expression, individuality and community. After a year-long partnership that saw a handful of immersive arts and culture initiatives, the pair is closing out 2023 with one more exclusive merch capsule that features two graphic tees, a branded beanie as well as a Pabst Blue Ribbon lapel pin.

Screen-printed graphic tees run for $40 USD and come in black and white colorways; each tee features a PLEASURES-ified take on PBR’s beer van in the middle of the silhouette. The 100% Acrylic beanie, which retails for $36 USD, is dipped in PBR’s captivating blue color and is complete with an embroidered PLEASURES logo and a PBR Ribbon Patch. Rounding out the collection is the silver-plated PBR lapel pin, which runs for $8 USD. Additional pieces – such as the jacket and socks shown in the lookbook – are slated to release at some point in 2024.

“We like drinking beer. We like PBR. It’s been a hell of a year together. This capsule is directly about having fun with friends.” says PLEASURES co-founder Alex James.

PBR’s Josh Feingold, Director of Marketing Partnerships, echoed the same sentiment. “Both PLEASURES and Pabst Blue Ribbon embody creativity and individuality. By channeling these shared values from the start, our two like-minded brands built out a series of events throughout 2023 showcasing that spirit …  Ending the year to toast the collaboration with an exclusive merch collection was a no-brainer.”

Shop the PLEASURES x Pabst Blue Ribbon now, available at the PLEASURES webstore.

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