Artists Come To Morocco’s Aid Through Earthquake Relief Sale

This past Friday, September 8, Morocco experienced a devastating 6.8 magnitude earthquake that has left 3,000 dead thus far, as well as 5,500 injured across the North African nation. The epicenter of the quake hit at the rural town of Oukaïmedene, just 50 miles southwest of the capital city of Marrakech, with some estimates stating the shockwaves were felt as far as Portugal and Spain.

The creative community has joined the relief efforts through a new charitable print sale entitled Artists for Morocco. Set up by GQ Middle East‘s editor-in-chief, Samira Larouci, in collaboration with photographer Anass Ouaziz and designer Ismail Elaaddioui, the shop will feature 24 artworks from 24 prominent Moroccan artists and photographers with full proceeds benefitting the Amal Center and the Rif Tribes Foundation.

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Artists within the sale include Hassan Hajjaj, Mous Lamrabat, Iman Zaoin, Anass Ouaziz, and Meriem Bennani, amongst others. “So many people love Morocco and Moroccan craftsmanship and hospitality, so it’s important that people understand how significant of a loss this is for our country, and that this is likely to take years to recover from in many communities,” said Samira in a statement.

Each print is generously priced at €125 EUR / $134 USD and will start shipping in October. The deadline to purchase is September 30.
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