Kevin Costner's Attorney Calls Christine's Legal Bill Request 'Nothing Short Of Ridiculous'

Kevin Costner ain’t payin’ all that!

If you’ve been keeping up with the Yellowstone actor’s divorce news, you’ll know his soon-to-be ex-wife Christine Baumgartner has been gunning for a pretty penny from her estranged hubby — to say the LEAST. She already lost her bid for ENORMOUS child support payments, but it now seems like she’s trying to supplement that fee elsewhere — in expert witness and attorney’s fees!

According to multiple outlets, Christine wants Kevin to pay a “whopping” $885,000 toward her legal fees… In addition to what he’s already forked out. But his attorney ain’t buyin’ it.

On Monday, the Man of Steel star’s lawyer Parima Pandkhou filed a response to the request in the Superior Court of California, calling it “unreasonable” and “nothing short of ridiculous.” She argued:

“When the numbers are so large, it is easy to lose perspective of the actual value of these numbers. To demonstrate the practical value of Christine’s requested award: $885,000 pays for 1,106 hours of attorney time at a rate of $800/hour.”

Oop! When you break it down like that, that does sound pretty wild…

In response to Christine’s argument that Kevin has spent more on legal fees, so she should be awarded more, Parima added that that is entirely because of her own choices:

“The amount Kevin has incurred cannot be the talisman of how much Christine should be awarded in fees. That is because Kevin has been forced to spend substantial attorney’s fees as a result of Christine’s uncooperative conduct.”

Damn! It seems like Christine is floundering… especially after being ordered to pay some of Kevin’s legal fees! And yet again, this all seems to be a question of fairness for. her — and she defines that as she deserves to be just as rich as he is. Thus far judges have not agreed!

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