Kate Middleton brings back her curtain fringe from 2012 for a surprise official outing

Stepping out today to visit HMP High Down in Surrey, Kate Middleton looks every inch her glamorous self. Wearing a vibrant blue McQueen suit over a simple white tee, it would be hard to look past her perfect ensemble if weren't for her hair.

It seems Kate has paid a visit to her hairstylist because the Princess of Wales is now sporting a new curtain fringe that gives her hair plenty of volume and lift. And while we can't be sure what Kate exact inspiration for this look was, it certainly looks like a sweeping grown-out style she previously wore back in 2012.

For this occasion, her new fringe has been styled into a 70s style with voluminous soft curls that have been styled to sweep back away from her face. The body of her hair has also been given similarly large curls, directed in backward spirals. We love how she's kept the curl structure instead of brushing them out into the usual bouncy blow-dried style she favours for official visits.

A curtain fringe is a look that Kate often returns to when she feels like switching up her look without having to resort to a big chop. The Princess, or duchess, as she was back then, tried out a curtain fringe in November 2012 while attending the official opening of The Natural History Museums's Treasures Gallery. Following that. She later revisited the style once again in the summer of 2020 before growing out her fringe.

So why does she keep coming back to this cut? "The long layers give you plenty of versatility, so you can still tie your hair back when it gets warm, but have the option to wear it down with lots of movement and shape," explains Elizabeth Wilson, hair expert at Live True London.

"The long bangs are ideal for those wanting to scratch the fringe itch without too much commitment – they can be clipped or braided back out of the face or are easily styled with a roller or round brush! This layered style can also add dimension to your colour, especially balayage."

What should you ask your stylist for? To get this look, ask for plenty of layers and a long curtain fringe that blends into your hair. If you’d like to add extra fullness, ask your stylist about extensions, and ask them to cut in long layers in a ‘C’ shape,” advises Elizabeth.

Does the fringe look good on all hair types? Elizabeth adds: "If you’re blessed with naturally long and thick locks, this is a great way to give your hair shape. If you have finer or less dense hair, heavy-handed layers can reduce weight so it can accentuate this. However, using extensions is a handy trick to make any style suit you.”

Though bob haircuts and mid-length blunt chops are the "it" looks of autumn/winter 2023, we predict the Kate effect is about to set in and have us all running to our hairdressers begging for a curtain fringe!

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