The Woman in the Wall viewers all say the same thing about BBC drama

The Woman in the Wall: Official trailer

The Woman in the Wall returned to BBC One on Sunday night for the fifth episode of the series.

Ruth Wilson and Daryl McCormack star in the gripping new drama that is inspired by the horrifying revelations around Ireland’s Magdalene Laundries.

The series follows Lorna Brady (played by Wilson), a woman who was incarcerated in a convent from a young age, where she traumatically gave birth, only to have the baby taken away from her and the newborn’s whereabouts are unknown.

The awful treatment she endured continues to impact her life, causing extreme bouts of sleepwalking that result in the seamstress waking up in strange places with no memory of how she got there.

During tonight’s penultimate episode, Lorna and Detective Colman Akande (played by McCormack) continued to work together to uncover the truth about The House of the Sacred Shepherd.

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They discovered how the organisation had not only been overseeing the transfer of children from the mother and baby homes to new families but that they had been selling them – in exchange for “donations”.

Colman was one of the children trafficked, while it appears so was Lorna’s daughter, Agnes.

Lorna got a call from Niamh at the survivor’s group, telling her that they had got what they wanted – the convent was going to be officially classed as a Magdalene Laundry in law, and the women would be receiving an apology and compensation, thanks for the work of James Coyle, lobbying on their behalf.

However, when Lorna looked at the documentation the women would have to sign, it became clear that this was the agency covering their tracks and by signing the forms, the women would be giving up their right to bring action against the institution.

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The installment also saw Lorna come to the shocking realisation that the titular woman in her wall, Aoife, had never been dead to begin with.

The Woman In The Wall viewers were left gripped as the heartbreaking story unfolded and flooded social media praising actress Ruth Wilson for her “phenomenal” portrayal of Lorna Brady in the series.

Viewers may recognise Wilson from her recent acclaimed performance on His Dark Materials, while other credits include The Affair, Luther, and Mrs Wilson.

Taking to X, @dave_clarke86 stated: “That was some superb acting, what a gripping episode, #RuthWilson in #thewomaninthewall can’t wait for next week’s finale #bbcone.”

While @jonie1303 wrote: “Ruth Wilson is a phenomenal actor. The series so far of #thewomaninthewall has been gripping.”

@sharjw1 chimed in with: “This is the best thing I’ve seen for ages. Ruth Wilson is phenomenal. Those laundries must have been hell on Earth.#TheWomanInTheWall.”

“Some absolutely superb acting in #TheWomanInTheWall”, added @lappinm.

The Woman in the Wall is available to catch-up on BBC iPlayer.

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