Naked Attraction host Anna Richardson flustered as nude man tries to kiss her

Anna Richardson defends Naked Attraction on Gabby Logan's podcast

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Naked Attraction.  

Naked Attraction saw a man in his birthday suit try to give presenter Anna Richardson an unwanted kiss. 

Danny Webster, then-33, was among the six naked men hoping to win the heart and a date with gym-obsessed Sophie on the controversial Channel 4 reality series. 

Sadly, the DJ from Birmingham wasn’t given a chance to progress on the dating show with Sophie choosing him to leave in the very first round. 

Explaining her decision, she said she was hoping for someone more well-endowed as well as a man who was a “little more beefed up”. 

But before Danny left the set floor, he made a social faux pas that no one was expecting.

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Still stark naked, Danny leaned in for a goodbye kiss with presenter Anna who, at first, awkwardly leaned back to avoid being touched. 

She then tried to recover from the inappropriate moment by telling Danny: “Oh! Come on in”, and accepted the unwanted peck on the cheek. 

Anna continued to make light of the situation, adding: “Is it a date for me?” 

Danny didn’t leave the set though, standing before Anna and Sophie until the 53-year-old host ushered him away, stating: “Off you go.”

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As he walked off, the women were left giggling at the weird moment when Anna cheekily whispered to Sophie: “Could tell he was a very good kisser.”

Nevertheless, Danny seemed to remain hopeful about his chances of finding love in the post-interview. 

He said: “Obviously I didn’t fit Sophie’s expectations, but maybe there’s someone out there whose expectations fit me.”

This wasn’t the first time Danny had made an appearance on television though.

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Back in January 2017, around seven months before his Naked Attraction episode was shown, Danny was a contestant on Channel 4’s Countdown. 

He then popped up on the iconic game show again two years ago but on both occasions, Danny lost. 

Coincidentally, he was up against Elliot Mack and Coral Heath, both of whom would go on to become octochamps on the show. 

Naked Attraction is available to watch on All4.

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