Im a quiz show addict whos won £70k from 18 shows… this is how you do it

A game show fanatic who has pocketed a tidy £70,000 from his TV programme appearances has penned a book with tips about how anyone else can do it too.

Mike Stratton, from Wigan, got started after responding to a flyer looking for contestants that was popped through the door at his tanning salon. According to the Manchester Evening News, he decided to give it a whirl and ended up on a quiz programme hosted by late talk show host Jerry Springer.

The father-of-three walked away £10,000 richer and caught the quiz show bug. After that, he was on a mission to rack up more appearances and has since competed on the likes of Bullseye, The Weakest Link, Fear Factor and Beg, Borrow Or Steal.

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Mike – whose has been branded “Game Show Guy” on social media – has now penned a book about his experiences called How To Get on Game Shows And Win £1000s: Confessions Of A Game Show Addict. It contains a few helpful tips for anyone else with their eye on a game show jackpot.

The 55-year-old revealed that his £70,000 from game shows, which he won in both cash and prizes, has changed his life. Things he has spent his winnings on include laser eye surgery and IVF treatment.

"I’m really good at getting on the shows,” said Mike, who has also worked as a stripper in the past. "It’s a hobby; it’s a challenge.

"I’m loud, I’m outgoing, my talent is getting on the shows. They look for a certain type of person, not someone who’s going to freeze on telly and do one-word answers. They want someone who is outgoing and confident."

Mike has been on 18 game shows so far but he warned that TV bosses don't like people going on too many these days. He explained that he was signing up for about three a year when he got started but that nowadays people are limited to just one a year.

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To Get on Game Shows And Win £1000s: Confessions Of A Game Show Addict is now available on Amazon.

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