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CORONATION Street’s Courtney Vance is in for a 'big shock' when she sees her future home, according to actor Stephanie Davis. 

In recent weeks, viewers have watched as Courtney’s illicit affair with teen Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain) was exposed. 

Her estranged husband, Darren (Ryan Early), found out about the relationship and threw Courtney out, leaving her to shack up with her much younger new man. 

As soon as Courtney moved into the Alahan household, Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) put pressure on his son to talk to his girlfriend about financially contributing to the household while she was staying with them. However, this prompted the couple to start looking for a place of their own. 

Courtney, who is used to a glamorous lifestyle and always being provided for, is set to receive a major reality check in upcoming episodes this week, according to Stephanie. 

With Courtney and Aadi getting serious, the pair have been speaking more and more about getting their flat. However, the Coronation Street star teased to that her character will be in for a big shock as the two are on completely different pages about what they can afford. 



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As Stephanie noted that Courtney has had a total lifestyle change since calling it quits with Darren, she’s ready to get back to a life of luxury. 

However, Aadi knows that’s just not possible. 

“She’s totally in denial. She’s looking at these big posh flats in really beautiful areas and he’s trying to really politely say, ‘We can’t really get that’.

“She’s just oblivious to it because she’s just been so used to living that lifestyle.”

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It looks like Courtney is going to be in for a big shock when Aadi puts his foot down on what kind of property the pair can afford. 

“When she sees the flat (they can afford) that’s a big reality check for her. It’s a bit of a shock to the system,” the soap star admitted.

This moment comes just as Darren launches a plan to break up Courtney and Aadi. He enlists Dev in his ploy, giving him £5,000 which Dev then offers to Courtney if she leaves his son. 

Courtney might be tempted to take the cash after leaving her life of luxury behind. However, there could be another shocking twist as the blonde bombshell could set her sights on another member of the Alahan family. 

Stephanie teased: “Although Courtney might play dumb, she’s very intelligent and clever and always one step ahead.

“Those scenes (the money ultimatum) were honestly, so far, my favourite ones to film.

“When I was reading them, I was honestly thinking I would laugh if she ended up with Dev!” the soap star admitted.

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