Shane MacGowans widow claims he has been helping her from beyond the grave

Shane MacGowan has been helping his widow from beyond the grave, she has revealed.

Victoria Mary Clarke, 57, has “made contact” with the Pogues frontman through the “spirit world”. She said: “I am already in contact with Shane. He’s already been helping with stuff, even in a very practical way.

“I feel like he’s still here, especially when I’m sitting in his chair or looking at his picture. I feel that he’s communicating with me.

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"I can tell him stuff, and I can feel him watching me and being very much with me.” Victoria married Shane in 2018 after nearly 40 years together.

His death on November 30 sparked a huge outpouring of love for the hellraiser. Victoria recently found herself getting “stressed” while working on her range of silk scarves, so turned to her late hubby for help.

The writer said: “I had to do a lot of wrapping scarves, communicating with customers. “And so I said to Shane ‘Look, I’m really stressed about this – I need your help.

"I want you to make it go really smoothly’.“ And it worked! I do believe that people can help you from beyond.”

Victoria was shocked by how much fun Shane’s funeral was. She added: “I’ve never been to one like it.

“Usually they’re downbeat. But there was so much joy, so much exuberance, and the love was so extreme that it kind of swamped any of the other stuff.

“Shane loved getting high when he was alive. I think the ultimate high for him would have been to ascend, and meet Jesus, and really get off on that cosmic space.

“That would have been the eternal buzz that he was always looking for in life. And he actually got it!”

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