Big Brother wardrobe malfunctions – flashing private parts and exposed bum

Big Brother housemates go through it all – constant surveillance, explosive rows, and heartbreaking evictions – but sometimes they end up baring it all.

The iconic reality show, now rebooted on ITV with hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best, has already delivered the drama. There's been a brewing love triangle between Henry, Jordan and Matty, and Kerry was booed by fans who wanted her booted out.

But Big Brother's contestants have suffered some extremely racy wardrobe malfunctions that we simply must talk about. When you throw people into a house with cameras watching them every minute of the day, it's no surprise that some of them end up showing a little too much every now and again.

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Unfortunately, Big Brother is always watching, so when your pants fall off, it gets caught on camera. Daily Star has rounded up the worst wardrobe malfunctions on the show from over the years.

Courtney Act

Perhaps the most infamous wardrobe disaster in Big Brother history came in 2018, when Courtney Act's skirt fell to the floor and flashed her private parts. Courtney, whose real name is Shane Jenek, was walking into the house when her skirt slipped off.

At first, it looked like the Aussie drag queen had tripped down the steps, but it quickly became clear she was trying desperately to cover up her modesty. Courtney, whose real name is Shane Jenek, looked mortified as she tried to rectify her outfit.,

Gasps erupted from the audience and eventually the camera panned to host Emma Willis, who looked gobsmacked. "Courtney is, at this moment in time, putting her skirt back on," she said.

"I just lost my skirt," Courtney said. "My skirt just fell off as I walked down the stairs…It literally fell to the ground."

AJ Odudu

New host AJ has already fallen victim to a couple of outfit issues during the series. The former Strictly star reportedly had so much trouble getting into her skintight blue latex catsuit before the launch show that producers had to use lube.

A source told The Sun: "AJ looked amazing but that catsuit gave her a load of strife. First, a producer said she had to be lubed up to get into it and then her extra long wig kept getting caught on the legs with static. Her stylists had to keep coming on stage with a hairdryer to stop the wig clinging to her. It was hilarious for us but less so for her."

The second came during the first episode of Big Brother's spin-off show, Late & Live, when her bracelet flew off of her wrist and she was forced to bend over and pick it up from the floor.

Lateysha Grace

Evictee Lateysha was left screaming in embarrassment back in 2016 when her denim dress popped open and revealed her bum. The ex-housemate got up and started twerking during spin-off show Bit on the Side and quickly regretted it.

Host Rylan Clark immediately dove onto his guest in a bid to cover her up. But the show fell apart when he collapsed in stitches and Lateysha covered up her face, clearly wanting the ground to swallow her up.

Roxanne Pallett

Big Brother fans remember all too well the drama between Roxanne and Ryan Thomas on Celeb Big Brother in 2018. But there's another time she'll want to forget, and that's when she noticed a stain on her top.

The actress was walking down the steps and about to enter the house, but she began to panic about a mark on her black top. She stopped and spat on her fingers in a bid to clean it, but fans were confused as the top appeared perfectly clean.

Ellis Hillon

Ellis Hillon didn't spend very long in the house at all as she was kicked out over racist tweets, but she still managed to flash her bum during her short stint on the show.

The Scottish housemate revealed her bum on camera during a task which saw the cast collecting coins. Unfortunately, Ellis didn't exactly have the right outfit for the challenge as she was sporting a teeny tartan mini-dress.

The contestant had to keep pulling up the garments, but it didn't stop her flashing her bum as she climbed onto a table and bent over during the episode. Fans at the time said she exposed "everything".

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