Why Was Reese Witherspoon's Daughter Ava Phillippe at The Golden Bachelor Finale?

Bachelor Nation began asking the question after Phillippe and her grandmother were spotted in the audience during Thursday's live finale.

The Golden Bachelor aired its finale Thursday night, with 72-year-old contestant, Gerry Turner, finally making his decision and proposing to the woman of his dreams after eight long weeks.

While the live finale was exciting itself on its own, a packed audience filled with Turner’s ousted suitors and a few Bachelor Nation alums, the internet was set ablaze when Reese Witherspoon‘s daughter, Ava Phillippe, was spotted during the live taping.

The random sighting was questioned by fans of the show, who couldn’t help but point out the 24-year-old’s seemingly random appearance during the finale special of the ABC dating series.

“Am I crazy or is Reese Witherspoons daughter at the golden bachelor finale??? #TheGoldenBachelor,” one viewer questioned on X (née Twitter), sharing two photos of someone who looked like Ava, in the audience.

There was so much speculation, in fact, that it caused ABC executive, Robert Mills to weigh in, confirming that Ava was indeed in the crowd.

“This is her,” he wrote.

“Her mother Betty is here as well. #TheGoldenBachelor,” Mills added, referring to Ava’s grandmother, and Witherspoon’s mother, Mary Elizabeth “Betty” Witherspoon, who was sat next to Ava in the audience.

The Golden Bachelor’s eagle-eyed viewers also couldn’t help but notice who was sat on the other side of Ava: forthcoming Bachelor, Joey Graziadei.

“Was that Ava Phillipe (Reese Witherspoon’s daughter) next to Joey? #TheGoldenBachelor #GoldenBachelor,” one user tweeted, with another adding, “I wonder why she’s there and why is she next to Joey.”

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While it’s unclear why Ava and her grandmother were in attendance — and why she was sat next to Graziadei for that matter — the pair were just some of the other recognizable faces and fans of the series in the audience Thursday, including Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Bachelor franchise alums, Charity Lawson, Zach Shallcross and Rachel Recchia.

In the end, Turner ended up giving his final rose to Theresa Nist, sending home fan-favorite, Leslie Fhima, to the shock and dismay of the Golden Bachelor audience.

“I realized all of a sudden here was a woman who knew how to maintain and nurture a relationship,” Turner said of Theresa during Thursday’s finale. “More and more, with every passing moment, she showed her enthusiasm, her adventurous side… Every red flag or potential red flag I had, she addressed before I even had to ask.”

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