Sharna Burgess Opens Up About 'Shock' of Not Returning to DWTS for Season 32

"I wasn't expecting it, it was tough," she said. "My last five years on the show have been rocky…"

Sharna Burgess is opening up about not being asked to return to Season 32 of Dancing With The Stars.

The dancer revealed that it was a “huge shock” not to return to the show after joining in 2011.

“Last season I was supposed to come back but Zane was only eight weeks old,” she said on the Oldish podcast with Brian Austin Green, whom she shares Zane with.

“And I was speaking with them about it. It just felt like I needed to sit in motherhood with Zane,” elaborated Burgess. “It was always, ‘I want to come back next year,’ and ‘Of course, we love you, we’ll always have you.'”

However, when the time came, Burgess heard through word of mouth that others were getting the call and she wasn’t.

“Because it was such a shock, because I wasn’t expecting it, it was tough,” she said. “My last five years on the show have been rocky, not because of the show.”

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However, a new producer changed the way she felt about the show behind the scenes.

“I love the show deeply, but we had a new executive producer come in, I think five years ago now. I had just won with Bobby Bones and he decided to not bring me back.”

“There’s a lot of speculation as to why. My win with Bobby was I think the most explosive and controversial win of Dancing With The Stars history.”

Sharna now has mixed feelings about the show, noting that “For me, two things can be true.”

“I can love the show and be so excited for everyone that got the position to be there, and really thrilled for the people that they have, but I can also be really sad and heartbroken that I don’t get to do that this season,” she said.

Despite this shock, Sharna is “excited about having the space to creating other things again” and she knows “the universe has done this for a reason.”

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