Mind-boggling optical illusion challenges you to spot rugby ball in busy crowd

The Rugby World Cup kicked off in style earlier this week – and we're all excited for it.

As England prepare to face Japan on September 17, Betway is now getting our brains ticking.

The betting company revealed a mind-boggling optical illusion to get us all into the spirit.

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And we can assure you, the puzzle won't be easy to solve.

So if you want to score yourself, see how quick you can spot the rugby ball among the fans in the snap.

Get the timer on and get started! Don't forget to leave us a comment below too…

The colourful photo shows scores of fans cheering on for England with the iconic logo.

There's black and white tops, as well as other Brits supporting the tournament in their own clothes.

Now it's your task to try and find the rugby ball among these people.

After all, you can't play rugby without a ball right?

Scroll down for the answer…

These kind of illusions are good to test your eyesight, as well as your patience.

It could take people a few seconds, or even minutes to come close to finding the ball.

Don't worry if you're still struggling though, we've got the answer circled below for you.

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Looking for more illusions? Recently, a study revealed an image could identify people with autistic traits.

And an innocent family photo turned into an optical illusion as it looked a lot ruder than intended.

Also there was a hidden animal in the optical illusion – but only some people could spot it.

On another occasion, dirty-minded people were left giggling at an optical illusion involving a couple.

Posting on the Confusing Perspective account, it shows a smitten couple holding hands at the park.

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