Inside Richard Madeley’s rocky relationship with son-in-law James Haskell

Chloe Madeley, 36, and James Haskell, 38, revealed in a joint statement that they had called time on their five year marriage. The former couple shared that they won't be "speaking about this matter publicly as it is private" as they "have a daughter to co parent."

The split comes after Chloe was seen without her wedding ring, plus recent photographs that emerged of James partying with other women.

Chloe's father, Good Morning Britain presenter Richard Madeley, 67, was reportedly ready to address the issue before two announced their split. A source told OK! "As a father, he wants the best for his daughter and he won't be afraid to make his feelings heard."

However, it's been common knowledge that Richard and his son in law James haven't always seen eye to eye, from a Boxing Day drama to "having words."

Here's a complete timeline of their rocky relationship…

Richard asked James to leave one Boxing day

Apparently, the first time James met Richard and Judy, it was on Boxing Day. James recalled on This Morning back in January: "I was told he can be a little bit tricky in the kitchen, don't go in there. Of course, that was a red rag to a bull, son-in-law wanting to make a good impression."

"I went in there and gave him a bit of chat. He used one of those 'f' words and I quickly went back to my wife and said 'I probably need to go, your father has just told me to go away'."

Richard and James had more Christmas drama

During the same This Morning interview, James recalled another Christmas when he asked Richard to avoid the kitchen to ensure a "stress free" day.

James alleged that the reason he asked his father in law to refrain from helping with the Christmas dinner is because he doesn't do well when cooking under pressure.

Richard asked James to take the Madeley name

James opened up about Richard asking him to take on the Madeley name following his and Chloe's wedding in 2018. While speaking on Loose Women a year later, he said: "He tried to get me to be James Madeley."

Apparently, the family were doing a show with Dermot O'Leary and Richard coined them 'Team Madeley.' James was reportedly not happy about this, adding: "I was like, 'It's two Haskells and a Madeley!'. But he's British TV heritage, so I just did as I was told."

Chloe has also spoken about keeping her maiden name recently, sharing that it was important for her to remain as Madeley. The 36 year old said on a podcast earlier this year: "He [James] wants to feel like I've taken on his name and I'm proud of it and I wear it like a badge of honour. This is my badge of honour."

Richard is hoping to have 'words' with James

Last week – and before the news of the split – a source told OK! that "Chloe is leaning very heavily on her mum and dad" right now. Adding that they're "very close and very supportive" and don't want their daughter to be unhappy, they also shared that "Richard especially isn’t happy at all with the way James has been conducting himself."

"He’s going to be having words with him about his behaviour… Judy also lives and breathes for her children and you don’t want to mess with her when it comes to her kids," the source added.

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