WeTransfer and Matty Matheson Come Together for First-Of-Its-Kind Free Digital Cookbook

Canadian chef, restaurateur, and executive producer Matty Matheson has now come together with WeTransfer for a first-of-its-kind free digital cookbook. Titled Cookin’ Somethin’ for College, the exclusive release with the Dutch internet-based computer file transfer service company is intended for students and the wider public looking to improve their cooking skills.

The unique project from WeTransfer aims to achieve greater awareness for its file-transferring services as a distribution platform for creators and its focus on championing creativity on a global scale. The platform has allocated 30 percent of its advertising inventory to support creatives and donates 1 percent of its revenue to emerging artists through The Supporting Act Foundation.

The cookbook features 12 easy-to-make but impressive recipes for both novice and experienced chefs. The original straightforward recipes include staples with a creative twist like the Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich, Peanut Butter Instant Noodles, and B.B.Q Chicken Enchiladas. WeTransfer gave Matheson full creative control with the food icon working closely with creator-age media company, Made in Network to create the cookbook.

Accompanying the cookbook, Matheson will be demonstrating how to cook four of the dishes in his 12-episode original series entitled ‘Cookin Somethin’ on YouTube.

Check out Cookin’ Somethin’ for College and download the free digital cookbook from WeTransfer and Matty Matheson at MattyMatheson.WeTransfer.com.

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