MANHART Reveals Latest Restomod: A BMW 2002 tii ALPINA with "Pig Cheeks"

MANHART, a restomod group based in Wuppertal, Germany, has unveiled its latest project, a restored and refined BMW 2002 tii, originally built in collaboration with ALPINA. This marks the oldest vehicle that MANHART has ever worked on and its most recent BMW build following its E30 M3.

The 2002 tii comes with a 2.0L M10 in-line four-cylinder engine in the ALPINA A4 variant, which MANHART has completely overhauled and refurbished. With the addition of a K&N airbox and a MANHART exhaust system, the engine now boasts 200 hp and 158 ft-lb of torque, a significant upgrade from the stock 130 hp /130 lb-ft. While it might not seem like much by modern standards, this is a significant amount of power for a 1960s vehicle that weighs just under one ton.

To match the increased power, the 2002 tii was equipped with the brake system of a 323i model from the successor series E21 before coming to MANHART. The team then installed a Raab coilover suspension by KW, a Wiechers strut brace, and 215/40R16 and 225/40R16 tires on original ALPINA multi-spoke rims, ensuring modern and sporty handling. One of the most notable design elements of the build is the ALPINA wheel arch extensions, known as “pig cheeks,” which give the vehicle a stockier appearance.

The exterior features light green and silver decorative stripes and lettering from the characteristic ALPINA decal set, matching the Agave Green paint of the body. This bright green is also found in the interior, with stripes of the same color as well as blue on the Scheel sports seats prepared by MANHART — with a Clubsport roll bar tucked neatly into the rear. Additional design elements that bring it all together include an ALPINA-branded steering wheel and gear shift knob.

While MANHART made no mention of listing this particular mod for sale, there is an inquiry form available via its official site for those who would like to commission their own builds.

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