Harry Styles’ Pleasing Is Venturing Into Fragrance

Harry Styles’ Pleasing is expanding its portfolio with the announcement of its debut fragrances.

Since its founding in November 2021, the singer’s beauty brand has centered on nail polish, skincare items like lip balm, serums, moisturizers and more alongside pieces like apparel and accessories. The latest venture marks a large move for the brand as fragrances remain one of the core staples of the beauty industry.

To cement its debut, Pleasing is set to introduce three fragrances entitled Closeness, Rivulets and Bright and Hot. The bring is also set to introduce peel-off fragrance strip samples with its e-commerce orders. Additionally, the scents were crafted in partnership with natural fragrance maker, Robertet and are set to launch in October.

“Being a brand that is deeply rooted in the exploration of color, emotional storytelling and sensory experiences… it is a strategic move for us to expand into this category,” said Shaun Kearney, Pleasing’s chief executive, to The Business of Beauty.

Pleasing’s debut fragrances will be available on the brand’s website when they launch next month. Following the initial e-commerce launch, the brand has plans to bring the scents to physical retail stores. With it, Styles continues to round out his beauty portfolio.

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