Artist and Dancer Maxwell Vice Moves Unapologetically in the G-Star Elwood

The G-Star Elwood debuted in 1996 and immediately became a mainstay within pop and fashion culture, distinguished by its 3D denim design. The iconic piece first emerged in the 1990s and early ‘00s and was embraced with open arms by dance and club culture for the design’s embodiment of freedom and self-expression. Now, the G-Star Elwood has returned, this time with a few updates to refresh the beloved classic. Throughout three rounds of adaptations, the garment has now adopted new technical and aesthetic elements such as heel guards, a saddle patch, slanted thigh seams, and new high-quality fabrics.

Shaking up the fit of the original G-Star Elwood, G-Star Raw has now introduced seven different unisex jeans styles in Regular and Loose fits. Every style is cut from a combination of materials, including Ecru C2C Certified Fabric and specialty Japanese raw denim. Unique 3D denim construction is highlighted front and center on the garment, which displays complex seamwork and tailored pockets that allow the wearer to move freely and expressively. Because of this ease of wear and mobility, the G-Star Elwood has always been celebrated by dancers in the streets of NYC and beyond.

G-Star Raw has long pushed the envelope of denim design, in the same ways that its supportive community breaks the mold in their respective lanes. Due to the heightened individualism that the G-Star Elwood design has influenced, multifaceted dancers and creatives have accepted the design as a mainstay within their everyday routines. Bushwick-native Maxwell Vice wears the G-Star Elwood in their way, staying true to themself throughout each of their many endeavors.

Vice is a New York-based dancer, photographer, and DJ. By day, they can be found immersed in their local community by shooting talent within their space, by night, they can be found on the dance floor moving to music or DJing hardcore techno. Vice comes from three generations of Bushwick natives, so their dance style is heavily informed by their background, as well as the city and subcultures that molded them. Mirroring the upbeat, inclusive energy at their favorite clubs, Vice is captured wearing the updated G-Star Elwood design as they share the ways dance and their own personal style have impacted them personally.

Dance allows Vice full expression, uncovering new parts of their personality and personal style through their passions. Fashion also allows them to celebrate their uniqueness in the same way, and the G Star Elwood jeans reflect their dedication to uninhibited expression — while allowing movement without bounds. On how New York has inspired Vice’s professional and personal outlook, they share, “You take the aggression of the street and the softness of your heart and that’s what gives you your power.”

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