Jada Pinkett Smith Calls Tupac Her 'Soulmate' After Will Smith Separation Reveal!

Jada Pinkett Smith believes she’s “traveled a few” past lives with her soulmate — but that guy ain’t Will Smith!

In a new interview with Rolling Out editor Christal Jordan to discuss her memoir Worthy, due out next week, the 52-year-old fanned the flames of her estranged relationship with Will even more. On top of just revealing she’d been separated from the the King Richard Oscar winner since 2016, she also said he was never even her true soulmate! Tupac Shakur was!

But just because she and Pac were soulmates doesn’t mean they were ever “romantic”. While addressing how the Changes singer used to refer to her as such, she explained that people can “absolutely” have a “soulmate friendship” with anyone throughout life. She explained:

“Our children can be our soulmates. I think this kind of romanticized idea of, like a soulmate. You know, there’s all kinds of definitions of soulmate.”

However, she continued:

“If there is such a thing as past lives, I definitely think ‘Pac and I have traveled a few together.”

You know, with the context of them sorta growing up together, that’s actually kind of sweet!

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However, saying anyone other than your spouse is your soulmate can cause friction even in the best of circumstances. When you also just revealed you’re separated? How are we supposed to NOT take that as a slight to Will? Damn!

As far as if she regrets not taking her comradeship to a romantic level with the late rapper, she dished:

“It just wasn’t possible. There was no chemistry between us, and, you know, I talk about it in the book.”

She added that the perceived “chemistry” between her and Pac was the “friendship, love chemistry.” Inneresting! We still doubt that it makes Will feel any better about not receiving that soulmate title himself…

Watch the full clip from her interview (below):

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