Willow Creator Says Series Is 'Not' Cancelled — 'Darker, Better' Season 2 Just Won't Happen Anytime Soon

Willow creator Jon Kasdan has taken issue with the framing of the TV sequel series’ fate as “cancelled,” and instead feels confident the fantasy saga will continue… someday.

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Addressing news reports that the Disney+ series was “cancelled” after one season, Kasdan countered in a series of tweets, “I feel fairly confident that, if asked, neither I, nor the folks at Lucasfilm, would or have characterized it quite that way.” Instead, he says, “The truth is less splashy” — that last week the main cast was released from their options, so that they might pursue other work in the coming year.

As he pointed out, “Due to forces much larger and more intricate than I would ever pretend to fully understand,” production on streaming shows is slowing down, industry-wide. And Willow, for one, “won’t resume filming in the next 12 months.”

Kasdan said that he and his creative team have already “developed and written what we hope is a brain-meltingly fun, richer, darker and better Volume II… about courage desire, acceptance and the comedy and beauty to be found even in the darkest places and moments.”

But, “Are we going into pre-production [on Season 2]? Not right now,” he acknowledged. “Does that mean we’re never gonna make it? Absolutely not.”

Kasdan went on to cite Curb Your Enthusiasm, Atlanta, Party Down and of course the 1988 Willow feature film itself as properties that resumed their storytelling after years-long breaks.

“Perhaps the one thing Hollywood has consistently been great at… is servicing the appetites, no matter how obscure, of its consumers,” he said. “And I have total confidence that, if an appetite for more Willow persists, Disney, Lucasfilm and this amazing cast and crew will satisfy it.”

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