Will Too Hot to Handle Be the Next Love Is Blind?


From the streaming platform that brought you Love Is Blind comes Too Hot to Handle. Warning, you are about to enter the “no-bone zone.”

In the new 8-episode reality series, 10 hot men and women are sequestered in a tropical paradise (what other kind of paradise did you think would be the setting for a reality show called Too Hot to Handle?) for what they assume is going to be one hot and heavy summer with cameras capturing their every move. But, and there’s always a but now, there’s a twist. The participants cannot hook up. To win the $100,000 grand prize, there’s no kissing, no “heavy petting,” no “self-gratification of any kind,” Netflix says.

“This retreat is full of the sexiest people in the world,” a contestant says in the trailer below.

Lana, the digital host (?), informs the contestants of the abstinence twist in the trailer below. “This retreat is to help you gain deeper emotional connections,” Lana says.

“As if some robot is telling I can’t do anything,” one indignant contestant.

For every slip up, the prize money drops. Can the contestants keep it in their pants and hands off each other or will the temptation be too much?

“It’s not easy to go an extended period of time without any sexual release,” a walking man-bun says in the trailer.

“It’s time for growth,” a contestant says.

“What kind of growth are you talking about, bro?” another jokes with him.

Yep, it’s that kind of show.

Click play on the video above to see more of Too Hot to Handle.

All eight episodes drop on April 17 on Netflix.

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