Will & Grace Sneak Peek Offers 'Good, Dirty' Clue About Grace's Baby Daddy

Of all the shows on TV to serve up a paternity mystery, we never would have predicted Will & Grace. Yet here we are.

Promos for the NBC comedy’s final season already revealed that Grace finds herself unexpectedly with child — but who’s the father? Is it Noah (David Schwimmer), the curmudgeon with whom she nearly settled down for good? Or could it be Marcus (Reid Scott), the man she met at the airport before hopping a flight to Europe? TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek of Thursday’s final season premiere (NBC, 9:30/8:30c) has us thinking it’s the latter.

The scene finds Will interrogating Grace about her life-changing trip, during which she describes Marcus as “good, dirty fun … and then we went our separate ways.”

Grace then goes on to say, “It was so freeing! For the first time in my life, I did what I wanted, when I wanted — and who I wanted.” We’re glad she enjoyed her trip, because with a baby on the way, the last thing she’s going to feel for the next 18 years is “free.”

Of course, the mystery surrounding Grace’s pregnancy isn’t the only thing we have to look forward to in Will & Grace‘s final season. Special guest stars include Demi Lovato as someone who enters Will’s life in a surprising way, Billie Lourd (Debbie Reynolds’ real-life granddaughter) as Grace’s niece, and Joel McHale as a love interest for Ms. Karen Walker.

Hit PLAY on the video above for your first look at Will & Grace‘s final season premiere, then drop a comment with your thoughts below. Who do you hope is Grace’s baby daddy?

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