Why Parents Are Furious About The Controversial Eargo Commercial

As the saying goes, you can’t please everyone, as the creative minds behind one commercial for the hearing aid company Eargo well know. While most people seem to find the ad in question hilarious, there are those, mostly parents, who are less than thrilled with its content.

The short spot opens with a young couple on a visit with the girlfriend’s parents. As soon as it looks like her mom is out of earshot, the girlfriend stage-whispers to her boyfriend, “Did you bring the condoms?” Not hearing, the boyfriend keeps asking her to repeat herself, at one point asking if she’s saying “condor” to which she hilariously responds, “Condor? Why would I say condor?” Finally, they’re interrupted by the girlfriend’s dad who loudly says, “Condoms, Charlie. She wants to know if you brought any condoms.'” Turns out dad’s hearing aids (the Eargos) are so good he could hear her whispering from across the room. The commercial ends with the dad taking the hearing aids out as the couple heads to bed.

Funny, right? We guess not to everyone.

Some parents objected to Eargo's use of a certain word

While most people who watched the ad seemed to think it was hilarious, some parents were outraged, saying the commercial forced them to have uncomfortable conversations with their kids who saw it during daytime TV. “Lord I have to explain this to my kids cause we stuck inside and it plays over and over again,” one parent commented on the YouTube video. Another wrote, “It’s a funny commercial but not when it’s on in the middle of the day with kids in the room.”

Meanwhile, over on social media, one Facebook user decried the ad as “filth” because it used the word “condoms” several times during the day when “young innocent ears” could hear it. On Twitter, one person wrote, “How disgraceful, any word could have been substituted for CONDOMS! Most elderly are modest. Children, teenagers etc. don’t need to be forced to watch this commercial.”

That said, in order to find the angry comments, you’d have to scroll through far more positive responses who thought the commercial was hilarious. It seems that the furious parents who want the spot off the air are in the minority — by a long shot.

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