Why did Joss Whedon create the Buffy The Vampire Slayer series?

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer is still a much-loved series to this day and it has a huge fanbase around the world. The series started airing in 1997 and it is based on a Buffy film which was released in 1992. Director Joss Whedon explained why he wanted to turn the film into a regular TV series.

Why did Joss Whedon create the Buffy The Vampire Slayer series?

Buffy The Vampire Slayer starred Sarah Michelle Gellar as the title character, who was destined to fight demons.

The high schooler and her friends were known as the Scooby Gang and they had plenty of run-ins with vampires.

Buffy ended up falling in love with a vampire with a human soul, called Angel (played by David Boreanaz).

Due to the show’s success, Whedon was able to create the spin-off series, Angel, which focussed on Boreanaz’s character.

Both shows received worldwide critical acclaim and they even inspired a number of university courses.

Buffy was the first TV series Whedon created and he said he wanted to portray a new kind of female hero.

He felt most horror films depicted young blonde women as scared and vulnerable, and they were always killed.

Whedon wanted to create a new type of female lead, who was powerful, strong and independent.

In an interview with Metroactive, fellow writer Marti Noxon said: “I think there definitely still is sort of a TV double standard working, which is that girls have to be skinny and cute.”

Buffy definitely put some of the male characters in their place in the series, with Noxon adding: “I think that when the paradigm is flipped, and the women take the strong centre roles, in any good drama you kind of need your fall guys. And in our show, they become literally fall guys.”

Whedon had said he initially wanted to create a cult series with a hugely dedicated fanbase.

The series was so successful it became the most written-about popular culture text of all time.

In 1999 Whedon started work on the spin-off Angel, which was intended to show Angel’s corruption after leaving Buffy.

The tone was softened for the debut episodes and the lead character was in charge of Angel Investigations, working as a private detective.

The series ended up acting as Angel’s redemption story as he was known to “help the helpless”.

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Fans took to Reddit to discuss why the series has received such high critical acclaim.

One said: “Because of the historical context, deep characterization, allegorical power, and successful balancing of several disparate genres.

“You can’t compare it to contemporary shows which aim for maturity or realism, because the standards of the era were different and the atmosphere they sought was different.

“Buffy’s self-awareness and experiments in form were groundbreaking, as were its queer and feminist themes. If you want to see Joss working in a contemporary, serious-minded format and style, watch Dollhouse.”

Still, the series did have its flaws which is why it became one of the most studied TV shows.

Buffy star Gellar said one of the reasons why it was still so popular was because it is still relatable and relevant.

She has already said she would not star in a series reboot, but she supported the idea of bringing the story back to life in a new way.

She said she was proud of the show for its cultural relevance and believed it will always have a place in viewers’ hearts.

A reboot was said to be in the making, said to be set after the events of the series finale, but the series is yet to come to light.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer is streaming on All 4 and Prime Video

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