Who left Bake Off last night?

THE Great British Bake Off is proving a big hit but week three saw another baker's journey come to an end.

The third episode saw bread on the menu with the remaining hopefuls tasked with making some interesting bakes from bagels to soda breads.

Who left Bake Off 2020 last night?

Rowan Williams, a 55-year-old music teacher from Worcestershire, found Bread Week difficult to swallow and he was eliminated from The Great British Bake Off.

The judges found his bagels soft and wrinkly and his soda bread "sand-like", while his showstopper was deemed to be bland.

Rowan had much to worry about going into the Showstopper Challenge.

Judge Paul Hollywood commented that using polenta in his soda bread was a “mistake” and he lost the Technical, so he had to pull out all the stops for the final challenge opting for the biggest sculpture.

Watching from afar, judges Prue Leith and Paul worried he wouldn’t be able to pull it off. Nevertheless, Rowan insisted he was on schedule.

Although Rowan managed to deliver with his design this time, Paul said he’d gone for “all style” rather than taste and he was asked to leave the show.

His exit followed 51-year-old accountant Makbul Patel, from Greater Manchester, who was booted off the show in week two.

In typically gracious fashion, Rowan said: "I have had a wonderful time. It’s been exhausting, but very rewarding. I didn’t mind leaving."

What happened in Bread Week?

Contestants were tasked with making two soda breads – both a sweet and a savoury version – before the technical task saw them attempt to make rainbow bagels.

Sadly, Rowan's impressive looking showstopper bread plaque was dubbed "all style and no substance" before he was given the boot.

Marc was named Star Baker after impressing across all the challenges.

Who has left Bake Off 2020 so far?

Every week a different baker says goodbye to the famous tent.

Here's who has been asked to leave so far:

  • Week Three (Bread) – Rowan Williams
  • Week Two (Biscuit) – Makbul Patel
  • Week One (Cake) – Loriea Campbell-Clare

When is Bake Off 2020 next on?

The fourth episode of Bake Off will air on October 13, 2020.

Chocolate Week will be on Channel 4 at 8pm.

All episodes are available to watch on All 4 after they have aired.

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