Who is Kate Bishop? Hailee Steinfelds little-known Marvel character in Disney+s Hawkeye

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Kate Bishop will also be making her debut as a second Hawkeye, played by Hailee Steinfeld. However, outside of comic book circles, the character is relatively unknown. In the comic books, Kate is the daughter of a wealthy Manhattan businessman who she discovers has connections with some unsavoury characters from Marvel’s underworld.

When she’s kidnapped by a low level villain as a young girl, the Avengers show up during her escape attempt and she finds herself most impressed by the only member of the team who has no superpowers, Hawkeye.

Years later Kate was attacked in Central Park, and using that traumatic experience as well as the impression left on her by Hawkeye, she focused her energy into learning self defence, swordplay, and archery.

The Young Avengers

Kate Bishop joined the Young Avengers after helping them foil a robbery that was taking place at her sister’s wedding.

The Young Avengers were made up of a group of teen heroes that all modelled themselves in some way on one of the more well-known adult Avengers, and so Kate adopted the moniker of Hawkeye as her own.

During this time Kate had a brief relationship with Eli Bradley, also known as Patriot. Eli has already shown up on another Marvel Disney+ show as the son of Isaiah Bradley in Falcon & The Winter Soldier.

The original Hawkeye, Clint Barton, eventually took Kate under his wing and mentored her as they dealt with street level criminals in their neighbourhood.

Although Clint’s reluctance and Kate’s independence meant that their relationship was often more like a competitive brother-sister relationship than that of a wise mentor and attentive student.

Skills and abilities

As can be expected, Kate is a highly skilled archer, but she is also proficient with many other weapons such as a sword and battle staves.

Kate has also trained in jiu jitsu, boxing, self defence, and other forms of combat, making her extremely dangerous in close combat situations. Kate doesn’t have any superpowers, although she does occasionally use special trick arrows similar to those we’ve seen used by Clint.

Until the TV show starts to air on Disney+, we really have no idea which of these elements Disney will bring across from the comic books and which ones they will change.

However, it is safe to say that Kate Bishop will be an exciting addition to the MCU, and one that you will now be a little bit more prepared for.

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