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SKY News Editor-at-large Adam Boulton has had quite the career, ranging from journalist to presenter.

Boulton has interviewed some of the world's leading politicians and isn't afraid to ask tough questions.

Who is Adam Boulton?

Adam Boulton is a British journalist, presenter, author, and broadcaster.

He is the Editor-at-large for Sky News.

He was born Thomas Adam Babington Boulton in Reading on February 15, 1959 – making him 61-years-old.

He studied at Oxford University and Johns Hopkins University where he gained degrees in English and International Relations.

Before joining Sky News, Boulton worked as a journalist in parliament.

In 1987, Adam Boulton was famously punched by former Labour Chancellor Denis Healy after broadcaster Anne Diamond asked Healey about his wife using private healthcare.

Healy was enraged and punched Boulton when storming out of the studio.

Boulton has written for The Times, Sunday Times, Guardian, Spectator, New Statesman and Independent.

What shows has Adam Boulton appeared on?

Since 2017, Boulton has presented All Out Politics on Sky News, from 9am to 11am, Monday to Friday.

Boulton also presents a review of Prime Minister's Questions, on Wednesday evenings.

In 2009, he covered the First 100 days of Barack Obama's Presidency of the United States for Sky News.

In 2010, during the UK General Election campaign, Boulton hosted Sky News' Leaders' Debate live from Bristol.

He is the former presenter of Sky News' Sunday Live with Adam Boulton, and presented regular weekday news and political programme Boulton and Co from 2011 to 2014.

He has been a guest of programmes such as Newsnight, Bremner, Bird and Fortune and Have I Got News for You.

Who has Adam Boulton interviewed?

Boulton has interviewed every British Prime Minister from BorisJohnson to Sir Alec Douglas-Home.

On 15 June 2008, he became the first British television reporter to conduct a joint interview of US President George W. Bush and his wife Laura.

Is Adam Boulton married?

Yes, Adam Boulton has been married to PR advisor Anji Hunter since July 22, 2006.

Hunter is best known for her close partnership with former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Anji was born and raised in Malaya until she studied at a sixth form in Scotland, where she met Tony Blair at age 15.

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