Where has Geoff been hiding Elaine in Coronation Street? Alya finds an address

ALYA Nazir discovers a new secret about Geoff Metcalfe next week in Coronation Street which she hopes will lead her to Elaine Jones.

Fans of the ITV soap were left fearing Geoff has murdered Elaine after she vanished following a furious showdown with Geoff back in August. 

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What does Alya discover about Geoff in Corrie?

Spoilers have revealed that Ryan will drop a bombshell on Alya next week. 

She’s shocked when he tells her that, according to the satnav in the van, Geoff has been going to Oldham.

Alya grows convinced the address must have something to do with Elaine’s disappearance, and later calls at Tim and Sally’s to share her fears.

When Geoff heads out, Tim and Sally search his house for an address in Oldham, but they’re interrupted as he arrives back and orders them to leave.

Will Alya manage to find Elaine?

Where has Geoff been hiding Elaine?

When Tim travelled to Elaine’s home in Bolton, he was worried when he found a pile of post by the letterbox confirming she hadn’t returned. 

So it’s looking like, if Elaine is still alive, Geoff must have scared her into fleeing somewhere else where she can’t be found.

Could Elaine be in Oldham?

With soap bosses keeping exact plot details under wraps, viewers will have to tune in to find out.

Has Geoff murdered Elaine?

Elaine initially appeared on the cobbles after reading Yasmeen's story in the newspaper and told her she'd been abused by Geoff too.

Elaine then tried to convince her son Tim that she was his birth mother, but Geoff – who had told Tim his mother was his next wife Tess – tracked her down and ordered her to scarper.

The next time viewers saw Geoff on screen, he was holding Elaine's phone and trashing her SIM card before throwing it down a nearby alley drain.

The showdown left fans fearing the worst for Elaine. 

But the soap is yet to confirm whether she’s bee murdered – or just forced to flee.

What’s the history between Geoff and Elaine in Coronation Street?

Elaine left her abusive marriage to Geoff in 1973 after his abuse left her fearing for her life. 

Elaine was forced to flee without Tim, a one-year-old baby at the time, when Geoff refused to let her take him and told her he’d kill her if she ever tried to contact him.

Geoff and Elaine then officially divorced in 1974 but Geoff told everyone that she had died of breast cancer – and married her former best friend Tess instead. 

The newlyweds then moved to Wales, where they let everyone, including Tim, believe that Tess was his birth mother. 

Elaine was previously called Philippa but changed her name after fleeing from Geoff.

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