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ROBERT Sugden is one of Emmerdales most popular characters.

The manipulative killer has been played by four actors since being born in 1986 and the drama hasn't always been confined to on-screen.

It's been eight months since Robert was sent to prison for 14 years for the murder of rapist Lee Posner and disappeared off screens.

But where are all the actors who used to play the scheming murderer now and what are they up to?

Richard Smith (1986–1989)

The truly original Robert Sugden was played by a baby called Richard Smith.

For three years he gurgled and screamed during scenes with his on-screen parents and played the part of a small child to perfection.

Richard never returned to acting after leaving the show.

Christopher Smith (1989–2001)

The Dales troublemaker was played by Christopher Smith from 1989 to 2001.

And his exit from the role was the most dramatic thing that happened.

In September 2001, Smith sued Yorkshire Television for unfair dismissal from his part as Robert, which was down to producers wanting an older actor for more adult storylines.

Christopher lives in Los Angeles and works as a producer on AMC talk show Talking Dead.

Karl Davies (2001–2009)

Robert's always been a bad lad, with much of his bitterness stemming from his resentment of adoptive brother Andy.

That jealousy took on new heights while Karl Davies was in the role, between 2001 and 2009.

It was while he was in the role that Robert stole Andy's childhood sweetheart Katie Addyman from under his nose and bedded the mother of his child, Debbie Dingle.

After Karl bid farewell to the Dales he went on to star in ITV series Kingdom, appeared in three episodes of Game of Thrones and plays Sarah Lancashire's character's son Daniel Cawood in BBC drama Happy Valley.

More recently he appeared in Call the Midwife and the critically acclaimed drama Chernobyl.

Ryan Hawley (2014–2019)


The actor had a few bit parts to his name before joining the soap and becoming hugely popular as Robert.

Under Ryan's tenure, Robert came out as bisexual and married three times – once to millionaire heiress Chrissie White and twice to mechanic Aaron Dingle.

He also killed two people – Katie Sugden and Lee Posner – and became so scheming and duplicitous that he would stop at nothing to trick people out of their money.

The Sun exclusively revealed how Ryan had quit the show to try other projects.

However since leaving Ryan's career has been very quiet and he has yet to land any new parts.

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