Where are the Married At First Sight Australia couples now?

IF LIKE us you are addicted to Married At First Sight Australia you will want to know what happened after the cameras stopped rolling.

Despite only being shown on E4 now, season 6 of the hit reality show was actually filmed in 2018, leading fans to wonder what the couples are up to now.

Where are the Married At First Sight Australia couples from season 6 now?

WARNING: Contains MAJOR spoilers from MAFS Oz season 6

Cam and Jules

At the end of the show the couple, unsurprisingly, decided to stay together.

And the love didn't stop with the cameras as Jules and Cam are still together two years after it was aired in Australia in 2019.

The pair got engaged at the end of the show and married for real in November 2019.

Six months after the happy couple wed for real, they announced they were expecting a baby together.

Oliver Chase Merchant was born on October 3, 2021.

Martha and Michael

Martha and Michael also decided to stay together during their final vows.

There were rumours they had later split up when Martha was spotted hanging out with an ex.

However, they seem to be going really strong and still together with Martha admitting on the 2021 reunion show: "We're more surprised [that we're still together] than the rest of you guys to be honest!

Jessika and Mick

Jessika entered the experiment when she married Mick, but the pair weren't well suited and didn't get on.

However, Jess did the unspeakable and started an affair behind his back with Tamara's husband Dan.

Jess even went one step further and kept Mick on the show by choosing to "stay" during a tense commitment ceremony, despite him begging to leave.

After finally letting Mick leave the show, when her affair was uncovered, the experts let her re-enter the experiment with Dan.

Since leaving the show Jess has become a full time Instagram Influencer and is now dating aspiring rapper, Filip Poznanovic.

Heidi and Mike

Though the pair decided to remain married after the show ended, they eventually split with Heidi saying that they "didn't share the same values".

Following the split, Mike said in an interview that he "couldn’t make Heidi happy".

In February 2021 Mike confirmed he was in a new relationship on Instagram after his bitter split from ex wife Heidi.

He revealed he's dating Sonja Marcelline as the pair cosied up in a photo on a night out.

He captioned their snap: "My girl" and tagged Sonja in other photos on his Instagram story.

Tamara and Dan

Tam and Dan seemed to get off to a good start and even had sex on the honeymoon.

But as soon the pair were introduced to the other couples, at one of the show's famous dinner parties, things started to change.

As mentioned Dan had an affair with Jess and they were allowed to recouple for the rest of the show.

The couple dated after the show ended for several months, but before 2019 was up, they’d split up.

Apparently previously unseen footage of Jessika flirting with fellow contestant Nic was the final straw for Dan.

Speaking to Yahoo Australia, he declared: “We are not together! There is no way I am going to be dating that girl after the rumours. I’m glad I finished it, it’s done."

Lauren and Matthew

 These two caught the headlines when Matthew admitted he was a virgin and decided to broadcast the moment he lost his virginity on TV.

They soon split not long into the experiment when Matt revealed he wasn't attracted to Lauren after she confessed to being into kinky sex.

He has since moved on with new girlfriend Annabelle who he met at his wrestling club.

Elizabeth and Sam

Things didn't get off to a good start for these two when Sam left Elizabeth on her own before the honeymoon, when he rushed to be with his ex who had lost her mother.

Sam then went on to have an affair with Ines, who was married to Bronson at the time.

Unsurprisingly the couple split after this and left the show midway through the experiment.

Lizzie then went on to appear on MAFS for a second time when she hit it off with Seb Guilhaus.

The pair were an item for a year and even moved in together, but they have sadly now called it quits.

Sam meanwhile has had complete transformation by shaving off his hair and beefing up at the gym.

Melissa and Dino

Right from the start things did not go well for spiritual Dino and outspoken Melissa.

The pair became the third couple to leave the show after struggling to find a spark.

Judging by the looks of their social media accounts, Dino is seemingly still single, as is Mel.

Susie and Billy

Fans of the show know that Susie and Billy didn’t make it to the end of the show.

Things got very tense when they parted ways during their last commitment ceremony.

Throughout her time on the show, the former nurse was accused of "bullying" poor Billy which saw him in tears most of the time.

Billy said taking part in the social experiment was the worst experience of his life after Susie "bullied and ridiculed" him during their two-week marriage.

Susie has now moved on from nursing and now runs her own injectables business.

She is also engaged to former professional rugby league player Todd Carney after they got together in 2019.

After an on/off relationship for the past two years, the couple are expecting their first baby together

Ines and Bronson

From Susie to Ines, who was also labelled "vile" on the show due to her sometimes heartless attitude.

Ines wasn't shy in telling the world how much she didn't like her husbandBronson.

As mentioned, she even went on to have an affair will Elizabeth's husband Sam.

Things got very tense when their infidelity was revealed at one of the commitment ceremonies.

Not surprisingly they only made it through half of the experiment.

Since leaving the show Ines has become a full-time Instagram influencer in Australia, and has worked with top beauty brands and been flown to Los Angeles for product launches.

Cyrell and Nic

After an explosive relationship, the pair called it quits before filming wrapped after a series of arguments.

Things then got messy back in March 2019 when Cyrell said on Instagram that dating Nic was a 'huge' mistake.

Commenting on Nic's height, the fan wrote: “He looks huge”, to which Cyrell replied: “Yeah he is huge… a huge mistake.”

Since then Cyrell became a mother to her baby boy Boston on February 9 2020 with Love Island Australia star Eden Dally.

Cyrell met the reality star hunk at a party in March 2019.

Despite not originally liking him, the pair started dating and she moved in with him shortly after.

Things haven't been easy for Cyrell and Eden as they briefly split in October 2020, but their love for each other didn't keep them apart for long.

Ning and Mark

Mother-of-three Ning was wed to eternal bachelor Mark.

But the match failed to spark love between them and the pair have since moved on.

Ning is now dating a man named Kane Micallef and the pair have enjoyed many romantic moments, including picnics on the beach which she has shared on her Instagram.

Mark now lives with netballer Bianca Chatfield along Melbourne's beach side.

A reality star herself, Bianca starred in the 2018 season of renovation reality show The Block and has dated Mark for two years.

How can I watch Married At First Sight Australia on TV?

Married At First Sight Australia airs weekdays on E4.

You can catch it Monday to Friday at 7.30pm.

You can catch up with past episodes now on All 4.

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