When is Why Women Kill season 2 out?

WHY Women Kill was a huge hit in 2020, with it's tale of murder, mayhem and love affairs.

Fans will be thrilled to know that the show is back for a second helping and it brings with it a brand new grisly story.

When is Why Women Kill season 2 out?

There isn't long to wait for season 2 to hit our screens.

The new series will premiere on June 3, 2021 on Paramount+.

At the moment there is no air date for when you can watch it in the UK.

The show is brought to you by creator of Desperate Housewives, Marc Cherry.

Is there a new cast for Why Women Kill season 2?

As the series is an anthology there is a completely different cast.

The series is headed up by Allison Tolman, who plays Alma.

Rondi Reed, Lana Parrilla, B.K. Cannon, Jordane Christie, Matthew Daddario, Veronica Falcón and Nick Frost also star.

What will happen in Why Women Kill season 2?

Season 2 is set in a completely different era to the last series.

Season 1 flipped between the 60s, 80s and present day.

In a twist on the show's anthology theme, all of the plotlines taking place in Season 2 of Why Women Kill will occur during the same year of 1949.

The series focuses on Alma, a timid and awkward housewife, who remains optimistic in the face of the world’s cruelty.

Alma yearns for a spot in the local garden club and to see her ungainly daughter married, but her life is disrupted once she learns of her husband’s secret hobby.

Is there a trailer for Why Women Kill season 2?

The trailer dropped on May 13, 2021.

The video introduces us to Alma, and her life as a woman trying to fit in.

The teaser shows us to murder and what may push Alma to kill.

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