When does Top Chef season 18 premiere?

SEASON 18 of Bravo's Top Chef will launch in the spring of 2021.

Contestants will be cooking up a storm in "picturesque" Portland, Oregon, according to showrunners.

When does Top Chef season 18 premiere?

Season 18 will debut on Thursday, April 1, with a "supersized" episode on Bravo that begins at 8 pm.

There will be 15 executive chefs and restaurant owners from across the country who will display their unique sets of skills.

Head judge Tom Colicchio says this "could be one of the best collections of chefs we've had on the show in 18 seasons."

Who are the season 18 contestants?

Kiki Louya, Sasha Grumman, and Sara Hauman

  • Brittanny Anderson (Richmond, Virginia)
  • Avishar Barua (Columbus, Ohio)
  • Dawn Burrell (Houston, Texas)
  • Gabe Erales (Austin, Texas)
  • Nelson German (Oakland, California)
  • Byron Gomez (Aspen, Colorado)
  • Sasha Grumman (Houston, Texas)
  • Roscoe Hall (Birmingham, Alabama)
  • Sara Hauman (Portland, Oregon)
  • Kiki Louya (Detroit, Michigan)
  • Maria Mazon (Tucson, Arizona)
  • Shota Nakajima (Seattle, Washington)
  • Gabriel Pascuzzi (Portland, Oregon)
  • Jamie Tran (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • Chris Viaud (Milford, New Hampshire)

Host Padma Lakshmi and judge Gail Simmons also return for the new season.

Lakshmi, who lives in New York City with her daughter,  is an Emmy-nominated food expert, television host, producer and best-selling author.

Simmons is a trained culinary expert, food writer, and television personality.

They will be joined by an "elite rotating judging and dining panel" made up of Top Chef All-Star winners, finalists, and favorites.

"The chefs will be put to the test in a variety of new challenges this season, including celebrating PDX's Pan-African cuisine, feeding hundreds of frontline workers, a surf and turf elimination challenge honoring the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, and crabbing on the Oregon Coast in a tribute to culinary icon and Oregonian James Beard," reads the description of the show.

The winning chef will receive $250,000 among other prizes.

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