What’s on TV: Tuesday, July 2

100 Vaginas
SBS, 9.30pm

If you think the title's confronting, you might like to steer clear of the actual documentary. But if, like artist Laura Dodsworth – who made this film and the artworks around which it's built – you think there's unhealthy "mystery" surrounding female private bits, you'll love this thoughtful exploration of all things Down Below. It is very, very explicit – you can hardly make a documentary about vulvas and vaginas and all the activity, purpose, mythology and misinformation surrounding them in any other way. But as Dodsworth sets out to photograph the titular 100 vaginas (including her own) she starts a fascinating conversation with her subjects that ranges through sex (including masturbation), orgasm, menstruation, childbirth, rape, genital mutilation and gender identity. It's funny, sad, fascinating, and ultimately exhilarating. If only Dodsworth had the guts to call it "100 Vulvas" – which is actually what it is. I'm pretty sure when she photographed men's penises, in 2017, she didn't repeatedly refer to them as testicles.

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