What time is Nadiya’s Time to Eat on BBC Two tonight, who is GBBO winner Nadiya Hussain and what's the cooking show about?

NADIYA Hussain is back to light up our TVs with her cooking show Time to Eat.
Here's everything you need to know about the BBC Two series featuring one of the biggest names in the cooking scene…

What time is Nadiya’s Time to Eat on BBC Two?

Nadiya's Time to Eat is a new BBC Two cookery show every Monday at 8pm.

The show launches TONIGHT (Monday 15 July) and each episode will last half an hour each.

The six-part series is hosted by 2015 Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain. 

Here's what Nadiya told What's On TV about a desire for an easy, fuss-free meal as the inspiration behind the show: "Prepared meals can ease some of the worry of having to cook fresh every day.

"I believe if we plan ahead, having meals ready in the freezer can be as convenient as takeaway.

"I always like to think of one meal as two. During the time you take to cook one meal you could have also made another to stick in your freezer.

"It’s fresh, you know what you’ve put in it, and all it needs is warming up.

"Not that I’m saying we shouldn’t treat ourselves to a takeaway occasionally.

"I love putting my feet up and not worrying about cooking!"

What is Nadiya’s Time to Eat about?

Nadiya's Time to Eat aims to supply those lacking in time with easy, delicious and nutritious meals that won't take hours to prepare.

The GBB star is here to help with her time-saving tips and mouth-watering recipes.

And as well as providing easy-to-follow recipes for those pressed for time, Nadiya goes on the road to find out more about the food industry.

The busy star also enters the homes of those needing help when it comes to meal prepping after a long day at work and taking after the kids.

Plus Nadiya is determined to eliminate the stigma surrounded with tinned vegetables.

Who is Nadiya Hussain?

Nadiya Hussain, 34, was born to British-Bangladeshi parents in Luton.

She has three sisters, two brother and her father owned an Indian restaurant.

The talented cook rose to fame when she won Great British Bake Off in 2015.

She has since appeared on other BBC shows including Nadiya's British Food Adventure and The Big Family Cooking Showdown. 

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