Westworld’s John Gallagher Jr hits out at fan who slammed his ‘insufferable’ performance in season 3 premiere – The Sun

WESTWORLD'S John Gallagher Jr hit back at a fan who slammed his "insufferable" performance in the season three premiere on Sunday.

The actor, 35, joined the cast as Liam Dempsey Jr, a billionaire romantically involved with Dolores' (Evan Rachel Wood) alter-ego Lara.

However, the performance didn't strike a chord with one fan, who took to Twitter to slam him.

Tagging the actor in the tweet, the viewer said: "Solid first episode back, not crazy about Maeve being in a Nazi plot line tbh

"Marshawn Lynch doing well for himself in retirement, taking care of his chicken

"Also, we didn't need @JohnGallgherJr brought back – his insufferable run in The Newsroom was enough."

The actor then hit back, saying: "Hey man. Can't believe you need to be told this but it's incredibly rude and graceless to tag an actor when criticizing them.

"By all means, hate my work and go off on me all you want, plenty critics have, but please don't @ me when you're doing it. Thanks."

Meanwhile, Dolores actress Evan Rachel Wood warned she "is on a rampage" in this season.

Having escaped the confines of Westworld – and massacred as many people as she could within – Dolores is now free to explore the real world.

Her path leads her to Caleb (Aaron Paul) a construction worker and part-time criminal, who changes her life forever.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Evan Rachel Wood said: "We know she's on a rampage, sure. But she's also a highly intelligent, very strategic being.

"We've seen the carnage of her plan, but now we get to see the more meticulous Dolores and the one who has to blend in with the real world and is now a fish out of water.

"This is all new territory for her. And I think her relationship with [Caleb] causes her to question a lot of things about the human race.

"So I'm excited for people to get to know her on an even deeper level and see things she's capable of."

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