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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is filled with awesome photo opportunities. It’s easy to get a great photo in Batuu, but we have some tips and tricks for you that will up your Instagram game while visiting Black Spire Outpost. We will tell you about often overlooked locations that produce awesome Star Wars photos, and we’ll also share some secret tips that you might not know about.

Top 10 Galaxy’s Edge Photos Tips and Tricks

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Here is a basic text breakdown of the list:

1. The Gigantic Doors: Hidden at the west end of the marketplace, this castmember utility entrance is great for big scope epic shots like Force Chokes. You can see this in the photo above. No one is ever over here, which makes it a great place to get a shot of just you and your group without massive crowds of tourists in the background. 

2. The Flag Door: A cool looking door below some ragged flags next to the milk stand.

3. The Holograms: Photopass photographers in specific locations offer “hologram photos” that will allow you to come within close contact with a Porg and Salacious Crumb.

4. Millenium Falcon Tips: Everyone gets a photo at the chess table, but here are a few tips to get better and more unique shots inside the Falcon.

  • Many people miss the Kissing Spot, the nook where Han kisses Leia, a perfect photo op for couples. 
  • Also, the exit for the ride offers a good photo inside the Falcon hallways without having to worry about getting in people’s way of having tourists in the background of your shot.

5. Falcon at Night: The best photo in front of the Millenium Falcon is at night time while holding a lightsaber. Make sure the Photo Pass photographer gets some shots without flash with only the saber lighting up your face. Also, try to get photos during the Disneyland fireworks. Besides the fact that there is usually no line for photos during this time because everyone is looking at the show in the sky, the photo pass photographers will frame the images to make it look like a big space battle is happening in the atmosphere above you.

6. Let’s Talk About Photo Pass: Batuu offers cool in-world PhotoPass cards, which make for a cool free souvenir. Can’t beat that in Disneyland. The Disneyland PhotoPass app allows you to add cool exclusive photo borders to your images. Let’s be honest, Photopass photographers can be awesome or bad, you just gotta go with it. But we’ve found good luck in encouraging them to be creative and do something beyond the normal photo.

7. The Resistance Tactical Display: This is a cool photo op often overlooked because it’s part of the Rise of the Resistance ride entrance. It’s great at night.

8. Blue Stripe Wall: The Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain has the famous Instagram Purple Wall, and now Galaxy’s Edge brings you the Blue Stripe Wall. Located in the courtyard right outside Droid Depot, this wall just looks so uniquely Star Wars for whatever reason.

9. Speeder Bike: Most vehicles within Batuu are not within touching distance but if you go over by the entrance of Savi’s Workshop you will find a full-size Speeder Bike (as seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story) that you can sit on and get a cool photo. This photo op is often overlooked because the crowds looking to buy scrap metal at Savi’s tend to block it.

10. The Imperial Door: Right across from Oga’s Cantina is this Imperial looking door that looks amazing when lit up at night.

Watch the video to see examples of all of these things. Thanks to all the Instagrammers who gave us permission to use their photos as examples in this video. Check out their pages here:


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