Vanderpump Rules fans slam Jax Taylor after he rages at pals and crying wife Brittany and admits he’s popping Adderall – The Sun

Vanderpump Rules fans slammed Jax Taylor after he raged at his pals and crying wife Brittany.

The Bravo newlywed also admitted how easily he's triggered and that he’s been popping Adderall.

VPR fans went off on Twitter: "The way I DETEST Jax Taylor more than anyone else on bravo. Not a single redeeming quality. Not a single feud he’s been in where I root for him. I don’t know a W O R S E person. #PumpRules"

Others said: "Jax Taylor is cancelled forever."

Someone else tweeted: "Well I’m glad @mrjaxtaylor apologized. But the erratic behavior is scary"

Others wrote: "GET JAX TAYLOR OFF MY TV SCREEN @BravoTV !!!!!"

Jax's attitude began spiraling in last night's episode when he refused to come to new cast member Max Boyens' beach cleanup get together.

He sent the TomTom manager a series of nasty texts about how stupid his cleanup idea was.

Making excuses for her husband, Brittany said Jax's mean streak was probably due to "Mercury's Gatorade" instead of the astrological idea of Mercury retrograde.

Followers scoffed on Twitter: "It’s “ Mercury is in Retrograde” not Gatorade you dumb illiterate hick #pumprules #vanderpumprules #cancelJax #JaxTaylor #BrittanyCartwright"

Jax later went off at Tom Sandoval accusing him talking about him to the group and uninvited him from his upcoming pool party.

He continued going after Max for “crying to his wife because he can’t come to his house.”

But things really got ugly when Jax went after Kristin over rumors of a sex tape with someone other than her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Carter.

The altercation caused a major scene at Kristin's t-shirt pop up shop.

Afterwards, Brittany was left in tears back at their house in fear the "old Jax" was back.

Jax admitted to Brittany: "I hear something, I get triggered. I have super highs and super lows.

"I smoke a lot, then I get hungry and I gain 20 pounds and I'm like, s*** I gotta lose weight, so I take f***ing Adderall. I can't win."

He went on: "We're not Leave It To Beaver. You want that? I can give you that.

"We're gonna have to move to f***ing Kentucky."

Brittany weeped: "I just don't want to see you start going back to your old ways.

"Breaks my heart."

VPR followers continued bashing Jax online tweeting: "Who the f**k @mrjaxtaylor think he is for outing @kristendoute and making fun of @ariana2525 mental health issue and use the stigma of mental health as a defense?

"Dude is a cold stone loser. The only time he brings something to #PumpRules is when he is cheating."

Another added: "The nerve. The ordacity. The lack of self awareness. It’s too much. #PumpRules #BravoTV"

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