Us movie director Jordan Peele reveals true meaning behind horror film

Just how do you ensure you make a good horror film?

Get Out director Jordan Peele and leading lady Lupita Nyong'o discuss how they made the thoroughly effective horror film Us in this new exclusive clip.

The film follows parents Adelaide (Nyong'o) and Gabriel (Winston Duke)_as they take their two children on a summer holiday but soon find their new home invaded by deadly and terrifying doppelgangers known as the Tethered.

But what do these evil doubles want?

"I think horror and comedy are a really great way of exposing how we feel about things," reveals Jordan Peele in the clip.

Peele adds: "I find the comedy that emerges from a scene in a horror film is very necessary to release the tension and give the audience the opportunity to emotionally catch up and get prepared for the next run of terror."

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