‘Unwatched!’ Piers Morgan dealt crushing blow as new show battered by GB News in ratings

Piers Morgan slams Prince Harry’s acting skills on TalkTV

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Piers Morgan Uncensored unapologetically burst onto viewers’ screens last month, and after teasers appeared everywhere to advertise the new show, it seems many viewers are choosing not to tune in week-on-week. Piers dramatically exited Good Morning Britain in 2021 when his heated argument got too much with weather presenter Alex Beresford but has he waited too long to return to TV?

Piers’ premiere episode opened to an average of 317,000 viewers on his March 25 TalkTV debut.

The ex Good Morning Britain presenter opened his show with an exclusive interview with former President Donal Trump, but now just a few weeks later, he is struggling to rope onlookers in.

Released this morning, official BARB figures have shown Nigel Farage’s GB News show has bested the TalkTV flagship programme.

Is this a sign of things to come and will Piers himself be cancelled?

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Nigel’s 7pm show peaked at 73,600 viewers, whereas Piers’ 8pm time slot didn’t fare so well and brought in only 58,800 viewers.

Although very different shows, another sign of Piers’ possible demise comes with GB News’ 8pm show hosted by the less prominent Mark Steyn also managed to match Piers’ figures.

Not only that, Mark was also able to beat him on audience figures for 15 minutes.

Journalist and broadcaster Dan Wootton came out on top, with his show reaching 75,100 viewers.

The ratings appear not to bother the confident and candid late-night talk show host, with him recently taking to social media to blast critics.

He tweeted: “Loving how much my new show is annoying all the right people, exactly as I’d hoped. 

“And surprise, surprise, they’re already trying to cancel me! Keep wailing, you whiny woke Guardian-reading wastrels…

“I’m your worst nightmare and only just getting started.”

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@Jumade replied to his post and said: “Tbh Piers, that thing you did at the initial stage of the pandemic, that was useful. 

“That was newsworthy. That was objective journalism. This stuff seems self-serving hence the poor viewing figures. 

“Viewers want to see you tackling issues that concern the masses; less on yourself.”

Chloe Jones chimed in: “Same old tired and boring lines about wokeness and cancel culture. Anything new?”

Karen Tandy agreed with the latest figures and added: “I probably would watch but I much prefer @MarkSteynOnline and @danwootton on GB News. Maybe you should change your time slot.”

@NeilMash202255 felt differently and thought Piers was onto something with his show, writing: “It was bound to annoy lots of people @piersmorgan and that’s what’s so good about it … there are lots that saw you cancelled when on GMB that they thought they’d never see you again but hear you are bounced back fantastic.” 

“I think your great and represent millions of what people actually think but wouldn’t say out loud. Keep going! Truth hurts!,” (sic) Lynne Blundell commented.

Piers Morgan: Uncensored continues weekdays at 8pm on TalkTV. 

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