Unsolved Mysteries: Who is Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes? Where is he now?

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The first six episodes of Unsolved Mysteries are streaming on Netflix now, with the remaining six expected to drop on Netflix later this year. Episode three investigates the Dupont de Ligonnès murders and disappearance with viewers curious to know more about the family’s patriarch, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès. Express.co.uk has everything you need to know.

Who is Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes?

Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès was the son of Bernard-Hubert Dupont de Ligonnès, an engineer with a degree from the École nationale supérieure de mécanique et d’aérotechnique in Poitiers.

His mother was Geneviève Thérèse Maître and he was born on January 9, 1961, in Versailles.

The Ligonnès family is an old aristocratic French family, from Annonay in the Vivarais region in south-eastern France.

Notable ancestors in the family include Édouard du Pont de Ligonnès, a 19th century knight, officer and doctor of medicine.

He married Sophie de Lamartine, sister of the poet and politician Alphonse de Lamartine.

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Their youngest son was Charles du Pont de Ligonnès who became the Bishop of Rodez.

Unfortunately, not much is known about Xavier’ Dupont de Ligonnès personal life.

He was a salesman and businessman and was once the CEO of a company named SELREF, based in Pornic, south-east France.

Very little details are known about the company and its trade, other than six salespeople were hired in 2003 and shortly let go afterwards.

The company was also registered with the French Register of Commerce in February 2004.

Xavier married Agnès Hodanger in 1992 and they were together until she died in 2011.

When Xavier met Agnès, she had another son, Arthur Nicolas, from a previous relationship.

However, Arthur was brought up as Xavier’s child and they married when he was two-years-old.

He was 20-years-old at the time of his death.

Xavier and Agnes then had three children together: Thomas (aged 18 at time of death), Anne (16) and Benoît (13).

Where is Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès today?

Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès has been officially missing since May 10, 2011.

He is suspected of murdering his wife Agnès and his children Arthur, Thomas, Anne and Benoît, whose bodies were discovered buried in the garden of the family house in Nantes on April 21, 2011.

According to autopsy reports, the victims were drugged and then shot with a .22 Long Rifle as they slept.

On May 10, an international arrest warrant was issued for Xavier, which remains in place today.

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He was last seen on April 15, six days before police discovered the bodies of his five family members.

Xavier was seen on security camera footage arriving at a small hotel in Roquebrune-sur-Argens, parking his car, taking a bag, and walking into a forested area.

Police initially believed Xavier had taken his own life but after a search, no body was found.

As seen in the documentary, following his family’s death, Xavier did not hide. He withdrew money at several ATMs, was seen on several security cameras and paid with his own credit card at restaurants.

Since his disappearance, there have been more than 800 tips and several searches that have led to dead ends.

For example, in 2011, caving experts searched 40 natural caves in a 15-kilometre radius around Roquebrune-sur-Argens, the village Xavier was last seen.


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Again in 2019, armed police raided the Saint-Desert monastery in Roquebrune-sur-Argens, after several worshippers claimed that they had seen him there.

The Telegraph reported after a two-hour search, police declared the reports to be a case of mistaken identity.

In October 2011, a man was arrested at Glasgow Airport arriving on a flight from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.

After several DNA tests and fingerprints, police confirmed it was not Xavier, but a 69-year-old Portuguese-born French national visiting his Scottish wife in Dunoon.

In 2015, The Huffington Post reported a Nantes journalist received a photograph of two of the Ligonnès children, Arthur and Benoît, sitting at a kitchen table.

On the back of the photo was a handwritten note which read; “I’m still alive.”

The note was signed Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès and dated “July 11, 2015, in Nantes”.

Today, it remains unknown who sent the note or where Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès is.

According to Xavier’s relatives, he wrote a letter to his relatives, dated April 11, stating he and his family had returned to the US as he was a secret agent and to return to America to work on a drug case.

In the letter, he said the entire family were part of the Witness Protection Programme and would be un-contactable for a few years.

He also advised his family to tell others they had moved to Australia, not the US but this has never been proven.

The exact timeline of what happened has never been determined but Xavier is considered the main witness and prime suspect in the Dupont de Ligonnès murders.

He currently remains the subject of an international arrest warrant.

Unsolved Mysteries is streaming on Netflix now

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