Tom Holland Wants a Superhero Mash-Up With This X-Men Character

With Spider-Man: Far From Home now less than two weeks away, fans have taken to anticipating the next Marvel masterpiece. Though watching Tom Holland’s Parker cope with the fallout of Avengers: Endgame will make for scintillating cinema, a standalone movie can never reach the glorious heights of a superhero soiree – a mash-up of incredible, strange, and furious individuals (see what I did there?).

Spider-Man: Far From Home will take Peter Parker to Europe, where he will meet Mysterio, who we are supposed to believe is a good guy; putting our educated presumptions aside, the movie looks like a thrilling ride with Holland back in the driver’s seat and Jake Gyllenhaal stepping in for a buddy cop dynamic. And don’t forget Fury, Michele, and Ned (the latter of whom often turns this franchise into a comedic splendor).

During an interview with Comics Explained, Tom Holland, Jacob Batalon, and Zendaya sat down to discuss the movie, what viewers can expect from the characters, and what’s on the horizon for Spider-Man (as well as other Marvel heroes). During the interview, Holland revealed the x-men character, and comic book plotline he would love see unfold on-screen (somewhere down the line).

‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ star Tom Holland talks Wolverine Mash-up: ‘Freaky Friday’ edition?

During the interview with Comics Explained, Tom Holland was asked who he would choose to team-up with for a future Marvel Movie. He stated:

“I would like to do Spider-Man and Wolverine. There’s a really, really interesting story in the Ultimate Spider-Man, where Spider-Man and Wolverine swap bodies for a day. And, Peter Parker wakes up in Wolverine’s Body…And then Wolverine wakes up in Peter Parker’s body, and he goes to school. And, all of a sudden, Peter Parker’s being this really gross, rude man, and he starts hitting on the school teacher and stuff. And, all of a sudden Wolverine, who’s this really scary guy, is like, ‘Oh! Hey Guys! How you doing?’”

Tom Holland goes on to explain that the concept above would make for a “cool short film.” After discussing this potential project, all individuals present agree that this short must be created. Would Hugh Jackman step into Logan’s shoes once more, but as Logan pretending to be Peter Parker? Superheroes go Freaky Friday definitely sounds like a funny and entertaining short.

Tom Holland and Zendaya discuss life after “the snap” in ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’

Noting that Spider-Man: Far From Home will directly proceed Avengers: Endgame, Tom Holland and Zendaya began discussing how that will shape the progression of the movie, and how the event has transformed the characters.

Zendaya states that life is “pretty frickin’ weird” in Spider-Man: Far From Home, which her fellow cast members agree with. Tom Holland explains that, when you meet the characters in the film, they have not been given “enough time to process” what has happened yet.

Holland discusses the European vacation as an excuse to “get out of New York and enjoy themselves,” forgetting “about the tragedy of Endgame. As the interviewer notes, Marvel will now present a landscape absent of Tony Stark, which will play greatly into Peter Parker’s development, as well as the inevitable shift bound to occur within the MCU. For, who are the Avengers now?

Spider-Man: Far From Home premieres July 2. If you want to know what the future hold for Peter Parker, be sure to hit the theater. This one is bound to be one of Marvel’s most comedic, yet also poignant representations of a post-tragedy existence.

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