This Morning viewers divided by mum who’s feeds her family entirely through hunting

This Morning viewers were left in two minds about today’s guest.

Mum Rachel Carrie from Yorkshire joined hosts Jenni Falconer and Ben Shephard to speak about her love for game hunting.

The 35 year old revealed she had shot and shot and cooked 80 pheasants, 40 ducks and around 125 pigeons in the past year.

Rachel told the pair that she feeds her family with whatever she can kill on the land at the back of her house.

She said: “There are thousands of people doing just what I’m doing, living the field to fork lifestyle.

“Most of the land I go out on is the local farmers or behind my house, so you could say that’s where most of my grocery shopping comes from.”

After being dubbed the “glamorous face of hunting” by Ben, Rachel explained where her love of the practice came from.

“I was seven years old and became vegetarian, I was an avid animal lover, much to my mum’s dismay.

“But when I was eight, my dad took up rabbit hunting and taught me how to skin and butcher a rabbit.

“All of the questions I had about food and factory farming, my dad answered them by taking me out hunting and showing me.”

Rachel then revealed that despite being a vegetarian, she would eat her mum’s rabbit stew.

But viewers at home were not too impressed with Rachel’s hunting lifestyle, as they flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts.

One user wrote: “Cannot stand anyone who hunts animals in any form and this woman on This Morning clearly has no shame or consideration for the animals she kills.”

A second chimed: “Is this woman for real? The game was living a happy life. Yes! Until you came along and shot it. Not impressed with this feature today This Morning.”

While a third person said: “I’d rather pop to Aldi to be fair.”

However, others appeared to agree with her, as one person wrote: “I’ll be honest, I could not do it but good on her.”

And another viewer added: “I admire this woman who actually has the guts to be involved in the process of her own food and knowing what it involves. Most people go to the supermarket with no second thought.”

Rachel has created her own cookbook and said she is passionate about encouraging friends and family to incorporate game into their diet.

This Morning continues weekdays at 10.30am on ITV.

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